RushKick launches free World Cup Fantasy Football game

  • Amsterdam startup launches fantasy football game for the World Cup in Russia
  • Accessible social game: easy to play with and against friends
  • Defeat your friends with your football knowledge

4 juni 2018 – Today Amsterdam startup RushKick launches a free fantasy football game for the World Cup in Russia. RushKick is a social fantasy football game that makes it easy to play against friends via subleagues and defeat them with your football knowledge. A team or subleague can easily be created on

How it works

Football fans can create their fantasy team for free on until June 14, the start of the World Cup. In each team, up to one player from each country can be selected, and the total transfer value has to remain within a fictional €100 million transfer budget. When your players perform well in the real World Cup, they earn points for your team in the game. RushKick makes it easy to create or join a subleague with friends, so you can test your football knowledge against theirs. The winner of the subleague is the team that has the most points at the end of the World Cup.

Hobby project

RushKick was founded as a side project by Vincent van Leeuwen. “I’m both a big game and sports fan. So RushKick is for me the perfect perfect hobby project to combine both passions.”