Rudraksh presents Saaj by Shruti Sancheti : A sparkling collection describing Maharashtra’s culture and ethnicity

Rudraksh presents Saaj by Shruti Sancheti : A sparkling collection describing Maharashtra’s culture and ethnicity


Pune- October 8- Rudraksh- Pune’s biggest multi designer store hosts Shruti Sancheti and showcases her collection ‘Saaj’ for the first time. Shruti is an effervescent designer who has dressed the likes of Juhi Chawla, Vidya Balan and many more. Her current collection ‘Saaj’ is inspired by the magnificent state of Maharashtra  which boasts a vibrant and cosmopolitan identity with an illustrious history, diverse culture and fiercely proud society that is an integral part of India. Her inspirations are also drawn from the glorious Paithani for embroidery rather than the conventional weave along with utilization of Aari Embroidery, Resham, etc as means of surface ornamentation.


The collection distinguishes hand-woven textiles and costumes which is a byproduct of traditional and cultural ethos of weavers. The primary reason behind designing this collection is to revive the ancient abandoned weaves of the region inculcating a contemporary twist with reference to changing consumer preferences. This in turn would generate employment for weavers and with reverence to their refined craftsmanship lure them back to their inherited skilled craft.

“Exploring Maharashtra and its handloom weaving gave me an opportunity to further research on the impressive and elegant cultural dressing predilections of Maharashtrians who have a unique sense of style; which can be summed in one Marathi word : ‘Saaj’ says Shruti Sancheti”.  

Keeping the Marathi penchant for vibrancy, the colour palette is warm and festive with accent of Resplendent Liquid Gold, Scintillating Crimson, Fuchsia, Emerald Greens, Radiant Indigo Blue, Vivacious Purples, etc combined with unconventional patterns derived from motifs like Peacock, Maharastrian Nose Rings and Karvats. To give the whole collection a Maharashtrian yet sophisticated   look, each outfit is styled with old Peshwai jewelry with a voguish twist.


A true calling for women who have an artistic traditional instinct rolled up their sleeve yet contemporary twist in style.

 About Rudraksh:

The first multi designer store in Pune, Rudraksh has successfully bridged the gap in the Pune market that existed for quality designer wear labels. Rudraksh was inaugurated on September 7, 2008 at the hands of the very stylish & successful actress Karishma Kapoor. 

The store has brought to its clientele an array of collections of over 180 talented and well known designers from across India.