RUCHITA BANSAL unveils their new collection of IZHAAR for the coming season

RUCHITA BANSAL unveils their new collection of IZHAAR for the coming season. “Izhaar” by Ruchita Bansal is one of the most well-known destinations in New Delhi when it comes to customized, luxury gifting solution: from wedding invitations, baby announcements, gift hampers, home accessories, sweet & savoury hampers, bespoke gift ideas and corporate gifts etc.

Ruchita & Anupam Bansal in association with Minica & Saurabh Garg of “Ekaani Delhi” preview of new collection at “Izhaar” studio in New Delhi at A -274 Bhishma Pitamah Marg, Defence Colony.

​The customization and personalization at “Izhaar” is sure to leave one spellbound! And since Ruchita strongly believes in the concept of reusability, each component of her creations comes with an attached utility quotient allowing the receiver to keep using her / his gift, bonded with the special memories it brings back.

The new collection unveiled consist of Victorian Collection, Padmavati Invite, Wheel of fortune, Telephone Dhun ‘Me Hasne Wali’ and Jewel Collection.

  • ​Victorian Collection –The handmade flowers and carvings form on each piece giving it a very Hesperian look! Ceramics popular for its elegance and style is also appreciated for its aesthetic appeal and the contemporary look. With being denoted for simplicity, soberness and attitude, Victorian collection can be defined the best. Each gift donates freshness, style and trend.  It’s allure is other worldly.
  • ​Padmavati Invite- Beauty enchants, beauty propels, and beauty only thrives! Beyond ages, beyond time! Following the theory we believe that we can spin the wheel of time in shortest span. Every bride wants to be complimented at her wedding and we at Izhaar can assure that with this invitation inspired from Padmavat Palace packaged with Rajasthan heritage. Each word eludes while we talk about the Padvamavati collection here at Izhaar. The flawless and incomparable collection depicts the recent trends repeated in least time, making it one of the best wedding gifting artifa​ct.​
  • Wheel of fortune – The quartet of fantasy, these spirals are circles of magic which bring out the extraordinary and strong powers from within you. The impeccable work of art handcarved is the realm of possibilities. It done in an extraordinary way symbolizes the various circles of hope, fortune and happiness. It also boasts about entangled promise made between two souls.
  • Telephone Dhun ‘Me Hasne Wali’ – Like the Red phone booth is seen as the icon to British culture across the world. Similarly we at Izhaar believe in style and preserving memories. Combining Madonna with Natasha this curation is a great transformation in the form of an invite. This also has a led light inside which lights up as soon as the door is opened making it even more picturesque and bringing the spark the alive.
  • Jewel Collection- The magnificent objects symbolic of royal status, power and identity. They are a striking expression of country’s aesthetic and cultural history. These intricating pieces are just adorable and make a style statement in their own self. Simple yet outburst of lush of extravagance and elegance and pious like the bond between two souls we at Izhaar handcraft your emotions and take it to the next level.

What- RUCHITA BANSAL unveils their new collection of IZHAAR for the coming season

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Each creation by Ruchita Bansal at “Izhaar” is a handcrafted work of art, designed by her and brought to life by a team of artisans at her workshop in New Delhi. “Am proud to present Izhaar! We are all about celebrations of unbridled happiness, superlative achievements, joyous togetherness and momentous occasions. Originality & Creativity is our core passion so that our clients can present a specially created expression of their feelings”, says Ruchita.