RJ-Romain Jerome’s Moon Orbiter relaunched


Travelling through space for the past year on many intergalactic missions, the RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter has finally returned to Earth. But not without a surprising new aesthetic!


Reported to have entered the Earth’s atmosphere at 3:34am on Wednesday 26th March, the Moon Orbiter was last spotted in Basel, Switzerland.

Witnesses suggest that the intergalactic timepiece has endured an aesthetic change during its entry into our atmosphere. This process has reportedly darkened the case of the watch and given it an enigmatic black PVD finish with a new name: the Moon Orbiter Speed Metal.


Following the success of the original timepiece, RJ-Romain Jerome introduces the Moon Orbiter Speed Metal. With its still generous 49 mm wide, 45 mm long and 20 mm thick bezel-free case, the timepiece is now featured with a new black PVD finish. True to its cosmic origins, the blackened watch case combines steel from the Apollo 11 spacecraft and watchmaking steel.

Allowing the wearer to see the heart of the watch, RJ-Romain Jerome has designed a case with five perfectly fitted shaped sapphire crystals. This conceptual design gives a complete view of the unique architecture and geometry of the three-dimensional flying tourbillon which is placed at 9 o’clock. The mechanical self-winding movement is highlighted by a glass opening on the case-back allowing the understated sharpness of the oscillating weight to be visible. In honour of all sci-fi generations, the brand has designed a flying tourbillon recalling Star Trek’s famous “Enterprise” space vessel: with its main bridges connecting to the circular Starships’ center of command.


The new black-PVD case beholds many surprising elements such as Moon dust on the dial of the watch. The hours and minutes are read-off an off-centred 3 o’clock counter. The open-worked hands are red-lacquered matching the 42-hour power reserve cursor which is displayed on a separate sub dial between the lugs at 6 o’clock. Fascinating space tales have also been encoded onto the dial of the watch in the shape of various constellation motifs telling their story between the upper lugs at 12 o’clock. One of the most impressive features of the watch is the Moon Orbiter’s lugs. The articulated lugs are composed of an exclusive mechanical jack system that is primarily found in motorbikes. This new patented and innovative system ensures the wearers’ comfort whatever his wrist size.


This 25-piece limited edition and its new black-PVD and steel finish plays a major role in the brand’s strategy to make its key timepieces evolve and pursue the expansion of the Moon-DNA collection by allowing fans to be transported to far away galaxies.