One established company — serving the Indian marketplace with a variety of both traditional and cutting-edge SexTech products — compared shopping preferences between male shoppers from Delhi and Mumbai

India — (February 26, 2018) — In an article comparing Delhi and Mumbai, Kulpreet Yadav once wrote that Delhi ‘has summer, winter, autumn and spring,”  “the cuisine is legendary” and “the people are fashionable.” set out to compare more than the weather, food and fashion; they wanted to explore the Indian marketplace for their specific interest in modern ‘SexTech’ products.

“There is clearly an emerging trend happening in the VR world — much like the early days of the Internet, porn is an attractive selling point for those who prefer an immersive experience,” said Darren Shuster, International PR Rep for the UK-based “What surprised us was the difference between these two major cities.”

According to simple summary statistics, men in Delhi and Mumbai have much different attitudes toward High-Tech Sex Toys (or ‘SexTech’ products). Comparing a random number of 240 male customers from both Delhi (N=120) and Mumbai (N=120) in 2017, is now sharing some interesting insights about the two cities.

Delhi: More Willing to Mix Sex with Modern Technology

A full 27% (N=100) of online male shoppers from Delhi purchased at least one product that fell within the SexTech category, including such items as: The LoveBotz and Virtual Reality Stroker, a VR experience with customizable goggles that includes an iOS and Android phone and allows users to enter a world of “the woman of their dreams” with “different bodies, clothing and hairstyles.” The motion sensors ensure that users see and feel everything from the Virtual Reality world.

Another SexTech product includes The Fleshlight Launch, a fully automated toy that connects to the interactive world. This SexTech product syncs with compatible interactive porn videos to match the on-screen action. Purchasers of The Fleshlight Launch can download special apps and go directly to PornHub’s Interactive Video Category.

Only 14% (N=100) of online shoppers from Mumbai purchased products within the SexTech category — ordering mostly traditional sensual and sexual toys and products, including penis extenders, lotions and potions, sex dolls, and penis sleeves.  

Males in Delhi are seemingly more willing to purchase and engage in High-Tech Sex Toys, and are almost twice as willing to try the latest sexual technology than males in Mumbai.

The Future of SexTech in India

Regardless of differences between Delhi and Mumbai when it comes to SexTech, India is clearly just as willing to experiment with new sexual technologies as the rest of the world.

“India is known to have the largest English speaking population in the world, and many of the big cities within the country are heavily exposed to western life,” said Darren Shuster, International PR Rep for “Therefore, many members of the population in cities like Delhi and Mumbai develop western attitudes; this is reflected in the way in which they live their daily lives. This extends to sexual liberation and experimentation with modern trends — apparently, including SexTech and other on the frontier.”