Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender sets new records

Argyle-Pink-Diamond_YouTube-300x25014 October 2013
Rio Tinto’s 2013 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender has delivered a strong set of results including records for the most valuable diamonds ever sold from the Argyle Diamond Mine.
Known as the ‘Red Edition’ with the inclusion of three Fancy Red diamonds, the 2013 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender collection showcased a total of 64 pink, red and blue diamonds, ranging in size from 0.20 carats to 3.02 carats.
Two significant records were broken. Argyle Phoenix™, a 1.56 carat Fancy Red diamond, achieved the highest per carat price for a diamond ever produced from the Argyle mine.
Argyle Dauphine™, a 2.51 carat Fancy Deep Pink diamond, broke the record for the highest price paid for an Argyle diamond in overall value terms. This was also a world record for a Fancy Deep Pink diamond.
All 64 diamonds in the 2013 Tender were sold, many well above pre-Tender estimates, reflecting increasing demand form the world’s top jewellers, designers, collectors and connoisseurs.
Both established and emerging markets were well represented in the winning bids. There were a record number of bids over US$1 million and bids broke through the US$2 million ceiling for a single stone.
Rio Tinto Diamonds managing director Jean-Marc Lieberherr said “We are delighted with the results for the 2013 Tender collection which are a reflection of their rarity, provenance and global reach. The Argyle ore-body is extraordinary and after 30 years of production it continues to produce the world’s most coveted diamonds.”
The Argyle underground mine, which produces more than 90 per cent of the world’s rare pink diamonds, was commissioned in April 2013 and extends the life of the mine until at least 2020.

About Argyle Pink Diamonds
Pink diamonds, produced at Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in Western Australia, are highly coveted as the world’s most sought after gems. The Argyle Diamond Mine produces
more than 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds, which are sold in a broad range of colours and sizes to an international customer base.
The market for pink diamonds is quite separate to white diamonds, and due to their rarity, pink diamonds typically command prices far in excess of white diamonds. The best diamonds are reserved for the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds business is located in Perth, Western Australia, alongside its cutting and polishing factory. Website:
About Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto is a leading international mining group headquartered in the UK, combining Rio Tinto plc, a London and New York Stock Exchange listed company, and Rio Tinto Limited, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.
Rio Tinto’s business is finding, mining, and processing mineral resources. Major products
are aluminium, copper, diamonds, thermal and metallurgical coal, uranium, gold, industrial minerals (borates, titanium dioxide and salt) and iron ore. Activities span the world and are strongly represented in Australia and North America with significant businesses in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Website: