Revolutionizing the Sports landscape – India’s first startup to integrate 24 sports disciplines on one platform

India One Sports, a startup owned by Jumbo Sports Network Pvt. Ltd. based out of 91springboard’s coworking space in Gurgaon is poised to drastically change the landscape for a better sporting future for Indians across the social spectrum. India One Sports has created an unprecedented set of services, packaged into one platform with an ambitious aim to integrate 24 Sports disciplines across the country. This revolutionary work by the startup will enable millions of the budding sports talent right from the grassroots up to professional levels turn their sporting dreams to reality.

“India One Sports is being developed by a highly motivated and passionate team of specialists who come with a vision to bring about a change in India’s Sports ecosystem, making it inclusive. We are striving to provide each and every possible opportunity to allow this talent to be nurtured and recognized so these sportsmen and women can realize their dreams” – Lt. Col. Arun Sharma , Founder, India One Sports.

The primary aim of India One is to integrate all available sports infrastructure such as coaching / academies, sports good manufacturers, sports associations and federations, sports medicine and so on from around India into 24 specific disciplines using location specific content.  The platform also addresses the coaching community with a separate section for jobs for all sports related vacancies at various clubs, academies and institutes. India One, through its efforts will celebrate local talent to motivate local heroes and give them recognition in society. Local talent who have made it to Regional, National and International level  will be celebrated in their locality, colony, schools, university etc in a variety of ways such as felicitating them at functions, covering their achievements by media and essentially making them local celebrities which will boost morale and motivation drastically.

India One will also provide access to sports mentors and scientific training. They have tied up with a number of institutes who provide the expertise to sporting professionals and these details and procedures will be part of India Ones offering to the user. India One will also act as a central repository of relevant information and data such as details of sports quotas in schools, colleges and universities, scholarships available at various levels and how sportsmen and women in need can got about getting the financial assistance they need to excel. There will also be information on various funding operations of the various prevalent associations / federations and private institutions across sports. India One aims to establish centers of excellence in Wrestling, Boxing, Archery, Kabaddi, Shooting and Cricket to start with.

India One has a mission to bridge the gap between the resources available to those at the grassroots level and the more privileged. With a population of 130 Crs and a current dismal state of affairs in World sports aside from Cricket, this is a much needed initiative for India sports. “We are making a humble beginning towards making India arrive with a bang in the Asian Games and CWG 2022. The 2024 Olympics will be India’s Crowning Glory” – Lt. Col. Arun Sharma