Reforming the telecommunication experience: RedMango Analytics announces the launch of its mobile app Experience.Me and its consumer portal

cc71c5_4654baca11c94f90a5ae1b355a8ae5f8Streamlining communication between Consumers and Telecom Operators

New Delhi, December 3, 2015: – RedMango Analytics, a digital startup platform that connects mobile users with telecom service providers, announces the official launch of its mobile app Experience.Me and its consumer portal The move is in sync with RedMango’s vision to engineer a better telecommunications sector in the country.

Designed specifically with the Indian mobile consumer in mind, the Experience.Me app allows mobile users to measure the quality of service provided to them by their telecom service providers across various services such as coverage, voice, data & video. It enables conveying user grievances to operators within a few seconds without any hassle.The application also monitors the user experience anonymously and prompts the user to provide feedback when it identifies poor service quality such as a call drop.

The application starts functioning the moment it is downloaded on a mobile device and works quietly in the background without affecting the user experience in any way. The app is available on iOS and Android App stores free of cost and already has a user base of over 1000 on its platform.

On the other hand,the consumer portal ( helps mobile users compare their mobile experience, with that of other users in the same city. The portalprovides details on the level of service that leading operators in the city provide their users. This helps the users make informed decisions on selecting a service provider that provides the best service in their locality as well asone that is best suited to their mobile usage.

The portal already has details of mobile experiences captured across leading service providers in over 20 cities. Besides showing the quality of mobile service, the portal also publishes periodic ‘State of Telecom’ reports to measure the pace of user experience transformation in the Indian telecommunications industry.

Elaborating on the launch of its services, Umang Shah, Co-Founder and Head-Innovation and Marketing commented, “At present, our primary goal isto reform India’s telecommunications sector by focusing purely on improving customer experience. We intend to streamline the communication between Consumers &Service Providers bybridging gaps in the communication processes that exist today. This can be achieved only by fulfilling the lack of automation in grievance resolutionregarding network problems which negatively impacts customer experience.We are certain of providing effective and transparent ways for customers to measure &verify the resolution of their network relatedconcerns. We would like to sensitize the masses about our technology and services which can be used to convey their grievances to the mobile operators and potentially resolve them within minutes.Our target is to increase downloads to over 1 million users over the next quarter.”

“Our App eliminates the need to make tedious calls to customer care for network issues, thereby saving consumers the time and stress of answering lengthy queries. It also eradicates the possibility of human errors that could be caused by the customer care executives. The app is capable of independently testing and sharing experience on social media, andcan also independently verify if a problem is actually resolved.”added Umang.

For Service Providers, RedMango structures the data collected from the handset experiences of end-consumers and assists the operators in analyzing this data to resolve issues faced by their subscribers through its web-based dashboards.It also saves the telecom operators a tremendous amount of capital that it spends on fielding each call a customer makes to their customer care department. RedMango works with leading service providers to help them design initiatives that have a positive impact on the mobile experience of millions of subscribers.

About RedMango Analytics

RedMango Analytics is a digital platform that connects end users to telecom service providers, engineering a better telecommunication sector in the country. Conceptualized by Rayomand Joshi and Umang Shah, RedMango Analytics was opened for business in August 2014. Headquartered in Mumbai, it also has offices in Delhi and New Jersey, US. RedMango has developed a unique methodology to measure the experience of mobile subscribers. The RedMango Customer Experience platform measures the quality of experience on smartphones across networks, devices and applications through its Experience.Me application. With robust technology and superlative services, RedMango Analytics is on a mission to measure the pace of the Digital Revolution in India. With the aim of assisting both consumers and service providers to get maximum value out of Mobile Devices, Network and Applications, it envisions resolving consumer issues swiftly.