Rapsody Yachts Announce the new Rapsody R80

The Rapsody R80 is a concept drawing of the new 80 ft. superyacht. The R80 will have an aluminium modern and fast sailing hull with a retro look. This way the R80 will stay in line with the other Rapsody models that also have retro looks but fast sailing capabilities. The interior will be custom made for each individual and only the finest materials will be used. The Rapsody R80 will be completely built in the Netherlands to guarantee the best quality for this flagship.
Rapsody R80 Concept Drawing
Diederik van Golen
“The R80 is our biggest yacht in the Rapsody line-up and the development of the 80 ft. superyacht is based on the Rapsody vison: building the ultimate yacht. Bring together the best characteristics from historic and modern classics, add own insights and create a unique and distinctive look.”

About Rapsody Yachts
Rapsody Yachts is a high end yacht manufacturer based in Heeg, the Netherlands.
Rapsody Yachts finds its origins in the yacht brokerage, where exclusive and classic shipyard boats from the Netherlands and Scandinavia were renovated and found proud new owners. In 1999, as a response to a growing demand for state-of-art motor yachts in the top segments, Rapsody Yachts started building new classically contoured, high-speed motor yachts. Nowadays more than 300 Rapsody’s are sailing along the coastlines of Western-Europe and the Mediterranean.