Rapper Crazy King urges Akshay Kumar for Bollywood support 

Bharat Goswami a.k.a Crazy King has already accomplished popularity with his rap numbers. He has performed at more than 300 shows and musical concerts. Not just talented, Crazy King also possesses versatility as he pens the lyrics of his songs as well. Being a huge fan of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar., he has composed a special number in respect of him titled the ‘Akshay Kumar Anthem’.

Crazy King told Media, “I am a good rapper, I would like to make a humble request to Akshay Kumar, the big heart Man to help me to show my talents in some of his Bollywood projects.” 

Crazy King told media, “I can’t wait to meet Akshay Kumar. I’ve created a special number for him which isn’t exactly a song but a narration of Akshay Kumar’s story. This is just a small dedication to this massive star.”
He has attempted to pour out his feelings for Akshay with this song. “Irrespective of his superstardom, he possesses such a good heart. Every second boy or girl gets excited and gets charged up if they can ever meet him or just catch a glimpse of him,” he said.
Akshay’s struggle before making it big in Bollywood is somewhat similar to Crazy King’s struggle. He says, “Akshay began his struggle as a waiter in a hotel in Bangkok. To the entire clan of strugglers, he is an enormous inspiration. I’m merely following his footsteps. And I personally am extremely inspired by him.  He is an idol for innumerable people. “
Akshay Kumar though is still clueless about this special Anthem for him. Crazy King says, “I’ve tried my best to reach him with my song but till now it hasn’t materialized. But I’m extremely optimistic that one day I’ll succeed. It’s my dream to sing this song in front of him. And I’m hopeful that he appreciates my hardwork in putting together a good song for him.”
About his other assignments he said, “I’ve some projects in the pipeline with big banners, but I can’t talk about them. I’m going to launch myself with a bang in films,” he said.