Rang De Haryali! BESC to switch off to embrace the spirit of EarthDay

This Earth Day, we are facing a turning point in human history: 2016 was the warmest year on record globally, and 2015 the warmest year before that. Now 2017 is heating up fast. If we stand by and do nothing, that threat –a future defined by melting glaciers, devastating droughts and a rapid loss of species and habitats – will become an irreversible guarantee .

We know, that together, we can build space, environmental protection and  environmental prosperity and we can solve climate change. We know that we need to make sure future generations will have an Earth as beautiful and diverse as ours to call home.

But before everything else, we can let the world know that we care . Let the world know that we  are  on the right side of the Climate Divide, ready to even walk the Climate Talk – walk the Green Mile. And be the change that we wish to see, to set an example for the others to follow.

We do this on behalf of all leaving things and for those not yet born – on behalf of the 10,000 species per year that will become extinct if we don’t  act and the billions of children who will grow in Climate Poverty during our lifetimes. We do this because everything is at risk: our way of life; our climate; our Oceans, plants and animals.

 Join us @ The Turf on Saturday, the 22nd of April at 5 PM. Join us as BESC voluntarily embraces a one hour Black Out – a silent protest against the overwhelming dependence on fossil-fuels in India’s Energy mix. Join us, as we spread the world about Sustainable Lifestyles’;  about the Responsible Use of Energy, about reducing our Carbon Footprints, about reversing the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change that has been set in motion by Mankind’s  desperate bid to play God. Join us, as we distribute the Saplings of Life, to be planted in million Hearts of Hope, as we pick up the gauntlet that fate has thrown.

Charity may begin at home, but let the campus show the way in the fight against Climate Change.

Switch off, to connect with life!

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