Rajat Berry, Founder – Cross Section Interactive Pvt. Ltd. Predicts the Future of Things

IMG_9605Here are some of the changing trends that CSIPL forecasts for the coming year:

Content Marketing to Rule
Content marketing will be the norm for marketers. Creating relevant, useful and even inspiring content will become commonplace as companies look to connect with customers and enhance each interaction for the betterment of the overall experience. Companies need to build a relationship with its demographic, become an industry voice and create a loyal following. This can be accomplished with a good content marketing strategy that builds a positive reputation across multiple channels.

Mobile Marketing
Most of the people access internet through mobile that’s why mobile optimization and mobile marketing is playing major role in the overall marketing strategy of a company. Major things which come in mobile optimization are to make mobile site simple, quick loading and responsive.

Email Marketing

By developing an email list businesses will always have a targeted list of consumers that are ready to purchase their product or service.In 2015 we can expect to see a new resurgence in email marketing, which like social media will become completely intertwined with content marketing. By providing your email list with entertaining and useful information they will look forward to receiving your emails and it will keep your business on their mind.


Increase in Social Media Advertising
As social media marketing becomes increasingly popular, channels are becoming cluttered with content. Facebook announced that starting in January 2015, users’ News Feeds will show less promotional content from Pages they like. As organic post reach drops, social media advertising is an excellent option for businesses to ensure that their message is being shown to their target audience. Social media advertising spend will grow rapidly in the next few years.


User Experience

User experience, or UX, is key in keeping people on your site. If your site isn’t easy to navigate or hard to use, then they will click off and find something else to do. That’s not to say that each site should look the same so users know where to expect everything. It simply means that content should be easily accessible and presented in a way that is natural to how users would seek to acquire it,  while delivering a rich, positive experience that drives them to act and engage.

Visual Storytelling

Blended with Videos, visual stories fashioned for marketing purposes will be able to trigger the engagement and inspire emotions, sending a clear note about the brand to its customer communities and helping to define it against the surrounding surge of noise. Human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and Articles containing images get 95% more views than articles without Start with a strong visual story concept that get parallel all your social media strategy and business objectives to get immediate & more impactful response.

Rajat Berry is an expert in web communication. He started a business about it 14 years ago and has not looked back since.

Rajat, understands a business of his clients, he relates to the have-been and have-to-become situations. Post this analysis; he adapts an extremely customized solution for client web presence. His company, Cross Section Interactive Private Limited (CSIPL), has been nurtured under this vision. And today, Rajat and the team at CSIPL bring the best communication for the company on the web, to life.

CSIPL achieve an alarmingly high success rate with the work executed. Apart from understanding the business at hand, the company closely studies and adapts to the ever- changing e-trends. Rajat Berry always held a keen interest in accessing and forecasting e- business movements. Over the past 14 years, he has honed that skill. He understands the complex nuances of businesses on the web, and the changing economics and trends on this World Wide Web platform.

Today, CSIPL is amongst India’s leading website development agencies in the domestic web domain.

The company has over 500 current live sites and has developed 1,000 plus websites for a range of industries and verticals over the last 14 years.

Rajat has created a multi- faceted company with top- end professionals. CSIPL specializes in developing websites, portals, intranets, e- commerce solutions, web/online applications, mobile app development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and search engine marketing (SEM). These services are distinct for their superior information structure, quality design, streamlined functionality and ease of use.