Quality seem to be a primary concern, even in the already occupied flats reveals a survey by IndiaProperty.com

indiaproperty~ the Porur incident has indeed shaken up the sentiments and the trust

~ an unbiased and independent certifying body is the call of the hour


Chennai july 21, 2014 : The recent Porur incident has shaken up the beliefs of people across, putting the process and quality in the limelight yet again. IndiaProperty.com, the largest online property portal administered a survey to capture the sentiments of the people across cities.

59 % of Property seekers think an unbiased and independent certifying body can prevent incidents like the Porur building collapse. 43% of property seekers hold government responsible for builder’s act of not following the approved structural plan and 39% blames the builders for the same.

Also 22% of property seekers expect the government to ensure continuous site check by approved engineers.

Survey also reveals that 67% of people living in apartments face everyday issues because of low construction quality.

The survey captured the buyer’s sentiments on the building collapse incident. It included a 899 sample size of 40 % respondents in the age of 25 – 35 and 42% of respondents from Chennai.

Corruption and yearning for more profits by the builders were the top reasons cited for the low quality constructions and the reason for such accidents. More than half of the property seekers also feel that it’s not only the small developers that deliver substandard quality.

Nearly 87% of the property seekers feels that incident such as these affects their sentiments and trust in the real estate sector.