PUTTIN’ COLOGNE ON THE RICKSHAW – How To Navigate The Modern Workplace And Survive (P)

download “. . . PUTTIN’ COLOGNE ON THE RICKSHAW humorously and cleverly describes some of the pitfalls of being in the corporate world, then helps its readers learn how to do things differently. . .Bouffard hilariously describes his 40 years of suffering a plethora of ‘idiotic workplace behavior.’ Not one to leave his readers stuck ‘waiting for rigor mortis’ or ‘drinkin’ Kool Aid,’ Bouffard then outlines how we can all take action and do things differently for our own professional and personal sanity and success.”
— Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
Retired Management Executive Shares Irreverent Insights For Dealing With Dysfunctional Business Environments
Drawing on forty years of experience, highly popular books, articles, movies, television programs, as well as insights from writers and experts the world over, William Bouffard has compiled one of the laugh-out-loud business books of the year: PUTTIN’ COLOGNE ON THE RICKSHAW: A Guide To Dysfunctional Management And The Evil Workplace Environments They Create.
Throughout the book, he calls it as he sees it: unrealistic vision statements, lack of respect for employees, workplace bullying, lack of truthfulness, how metrics become a crutch, toxic organizational culture, narcissistic leaders and co-workers, dreadful meetings, the “science” of pay raises, and more. Some Bouffard witticisms include:
*I’m convinced that people in the workplace just plain bullshit more than lie.
*Quality metrics: In a way, metrics become a crutch, a way for the organization to delude itself that it’s making progress, so that it can show the world it knows what it’s doing – sort of like impression management done at the organizational level.
*Personally, I believe that the electronic communication age has proven a godsend for the world of business if for no other reason than it provides the Pearl Harbor files necessary for most people to avoid being blamed when things turn sour.
But on the serious side, Bouffard examines the situations that are faced in businesses and corporations every day, putting them out in the open as a wake up call for leaders to make change, and for employees to be on guard. As he writes, “The goal of this book has been to equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to navigate the modern workplace and to survive.” With messages for the C-Suite on down, through all levels of any organization, PUTTIN’ COLOGNE ON THE RICKSHAW will make readers laugh, cringe, and hopefully take action to rid the workplace of dysfunction and evil environments.
About The Author
William L. Bouffard has over forty years of experience, twenty-five of them in leadership roles, in fields related to commercial operations and manufacturing, as well as in the military, defense, and space environments producing complex communications and electronics equipment.
Bouffard received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Cleveland State University and served in the U.S. Army, Vietnam. He lives in San Diego, California.
A Guide To Dysfunctional Management And
The Evil Workplace Environments They Create
by William Bouffard
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication date: 2012
Price: $29.95 / trade paper
ISBN: 978-0-9847999-0-9
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