PSA International (PSA)’s corporate venture capital arm PSA unboXed is sending out its second call for action for its incubator program, inviting start-ups and potential partners to propose technology solutions in support of PSA’s technology vision for the Port of the Future – CP4.0TM (Container Port 4.0TM).

Mr Oh Bee Lock, Head of Group Technology, PSA International said, “New technologies increasingly transform the way we produce, transact and consume; PSA believes that ports and the larger supply chain can also reap the benefits of these technologies applied. CP4.0TM is PSA’s transformation blueprint for establishing the Port of the Future: a hyper-connected port that creatively deploys smart technologies to deliver sustained value to customers and stakeholders in the port, shipping and broader logistics communities.”

The CP4.0TM blueprint guides PSA terminals around the world on which automation and digital technologies to adopt, and enables the sharing of project details within the Group.

In line with CP4.0TM, PSA has committed about S$150 million to innovation programs that include automated-guided vehicles, crane automation, predictive maintenance, wharf side automation and video analytics projects for its terminals around the world. PSA is also continually enhancing its in-house Global Terminal Operating System (GTOS) that will have adaptive and predictive features to optimise operations in its overseas terminals.

PSA unboXed’s second call for action for its incubator program complements PSA’s internal initiatives, by inviting start-ups to co-create innovative solutions in the evolving ports and logistics space.

Start-ups and technology solution providers selected for the incubator program will have the opportunity to collaborate with PSA to incubate ideas and test-bed their solutions in an unparalleled live port environment, at the PSA Living Lab.

The PSA Living Lab consists of two operational berths at PSA’s Pasir Panjang Terminal in Singapore, and was launched last year by MPA, EDB and PSA for the port and logistics industry, with close to S$100 million committed to it over three years.

Since its launch in May 2016, PSA unboXed has evaluated 70 proposals and invested in two start-ups:

  • HAKOVO ( – a unique freight e-marketplace that allows small and medium sized enterprises to collaborate in freight procurement
  • AutosenseAGV – a next-generation navigation solution for automated vehicles in the port.

PSA unboXed has also recently invested in ClearMetal ( – a San Francisco-based predictive logistics company using data science and AI to unlock unprecedented efficiencies for containerised freight.

Applications are open now for PSA unboXed’s incubator program at

About PSA Container Port 4.0 TM (CP4.0 TM)

CP4.0TM has six core pillars:

  1. A Connected Community – The port and shipping ecosystem are able to collaborate seamlessly as a community, to achieve operations efficiency and higher service levels within the port and related distribution systems
  2. Smart Machines and Systems – Equipment within the port are connected, able to stream situational data for enhanced sense-making and pre-emptive response
  3. Pre-emptive Health, Safety and Security Management – Use of integrated analytics to enable pre-emptive mitigation of Health, Safety and Security risks
  4. Sustainable Environment – Smart systems throughout the port actively track and manage energy consumption and recycling, reducing our energy footprint
  5. Integrated and Optimised Operations – Data-driven operations enable consistent and sustained high productivity, asset utilisation and customer service levels
  6. Automated Container Handling and Transfer – Seamless use and integration of automated container handling and transfer equipment

About PSA unboXed

Launched in May 2016, the incubator program PSA unboXed seeks to invest in and nurture start-ups that are keen to create innovative logistics solutions fusing information and communications technology including IoT (Internet of Things), cloud, data analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and optimisation, as well as engineering solutions including robotics and automation in container and cargo handling operations, and transaction solutions for the maritime trade and finance ecosystems.

About PSA International

As one of the leading global port groups, PSA participates in around 40 terminals in 16 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas with flagship operations in PSA Singapore Terminals and PSA Antwerp. PSA strives to continue growing its port network alongside its shipping line customers and become the preferred partner to port stakeholders across the world. Employing the finest talents in the industry, PSA delivers reliable and best-in-class service to its customers and develops win-win relationships with its partners. As the port operator of choice in the world’s gateway hubs, PSA is “The World’s Port of Call”. Please visit us at

*Note: PSA dropped the name of “Port of Singapore Authority” in 1997 when it became a corporatised entity. The company should be referred to as “PSA International Pte Ltd” or simply “PSA”.