Primetals Technologies to replace two LD converters in Dąbrowa Górnicza for ArcelorMittal Poland


Vaicon Link 2.0 maintenance-free converter suspension offers long service life

ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. has given Primetals Technologies an order to replace LD (BOF) converters #1 and #3 in its Dąbrowa Górnicza steel works. The new converters will have a tapping weight of 325 metric tons and the project will be executed on a turnkey basis. The converters will be suspended by the maintenance-free Vaicon Link 2.0. This suspension system not only minimizes the stresses caused by thermal deformations, but also has a long service life. Converter #1 is scheduled to be brought into operation at the end of 2016, and converter #3 six months later, depending on when the option is exercised.