PricePanda strengthened with new strategy for future expansion

pricepandaNew co-founder duo streamline their website and open permanent office in Singapore

Singapore, November 19th – PricePanda, the leading price comparison website in Southeast Asia (SEA), has announced changes to its management and strategy. The current developments demonstrate a high commitment to the SEA region as one of the most promising emerging markets today, as well as a renewed effort to establish the brand in other promising Asian and Latin American markets. With two new co-founders, a permanent office in Singapore, and an enhanced website, PricePanda wants to cement and expand its leading position in the Southeast Asian and international price comparison markets.

Founded in 2012, PricePanda quickly grew to become the leading online price comparison site in SEA for electronics, gaming, fashion and more. In this relatively short time span, PricePanda has expanded its operations in 9 countries across Asia and Latin America, serving around 1 million unique users each month. New co-founders, Robin Steinhaus and Philip Wegener, want to pick up from the success of the last two years and reach even higher growth rates. Today, 100 days after the move to new headquarters and following the implementation of new changes, the managing duo announce their new strategy.

“Southeast Asia is the most promising market for us. That’s why we put all our emphasis on growth in these countries, especially Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. We really feel the need for shopping comparison, both from the shoppers side as well as from the e-tailers side,” says Robin Steinhaus. In this region, the market is very fragmented due to the huge number of suppliers. Therefore, people are eager to find better orientation and more reliable price comparisons.

For this reason, the second part of the new strategy involves streamlining the PricePanda website, giving it a completely new, revamped look and bigger scaling capabilities. “To accompany the demand we have been receiving from Southeast Asia, we restructured our site in order to provide an even more immersive browsing experience and have the scaling capabilities needed to accommodate the increasing traffic demands,” says Robin Steinhaus.

With the changes, PricePanda has improved the usability of its service and now provides a lot more information and product details. “We now provide both product reviews from our experts to offer insights and orientation, as well as the best prices in the region.” Moreover, the renovation of the website is designed to further strengthen all aspects of PricePanda’s efforts to establish the brand on a global scale, both in the markets where it is currently active and in markets where future expansion is planned.

Furthermore, in September PricePanda opened its first permanent office in Singapore as a key part of its new strategy. “The last two years have really proven the huge demand for price comparison sites and shopping tips for electronic consumers in Southeast Asia. The reception of our services here has been really great. That’s why we are looking to create a more permanent presence here,” says co-founder Philip Wegener, who is heading operations from Singapore and has been living there for the past three years. “The move will help us to be even closer to our users and partners here in Asia. The traction and interest we have been getting in this region is tremendous, and I’m really looking forward to taking on new challenges.”

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