PricePanda products are getting ready for the summer!

logo-RGBThe ultimative checkup list for the next vacation!

Berlin, 14th April 2014.

Summer is approaching and this year, especially beauty products and technical gadgets will be highly demanded to make the holiday season picture-perfect.

To get started for a great summer 2014, we introduce the ultimate checkup – so when the holiday is coming closer, it will be easy just to enjoy the well-deserved days in the sun. During spring, it’s best to get prepared for the holiday time and in shape for the right swimwear. Using the first sunny days of the year to start with the fulfilment of the New Year’s resolution and going for a run outside is an optimal preparation or maybe a sports game for the TV at home is just the right thing? For the optimal visualization, PricePanda offers its customers a huge choice of TVs from LED to LCD and Plasma.

For the female consumers, the holiday preparation usually won’t go without the right beauty kit. On PricePanda, great price reductions can be found on favorite fragrances and beauty products. Not to forget the wide-ranging assortment of makeup to get ready for a glamorous night out on the holiday vacation or to fake the natural summer glow on the cheeks. For a relaxing and laidback day at the beach, PricePanda offers its consumers the lowest price for skin and hair care to be in for a treat.

Meanwhile, male consumers can check out the newest deals for reflex cameras to shoot holiday photos that will make them dream when coming back home again. But maybe sitting down, relaxing and reading a good book during the vacation is equally as good? Then PricePanda provides more than 70 different e-reader models and hundreds of books, which will easily accompany on a trip to the sea, mountainous areas or the Sahara.
Just in case, children are on board, why not check out the newest game consoles or games for their Xbox, Wii or Playstation? But maybe a movie is just the right thing in case it happens to be one of these days full of summer rain?

Whatever the customers decide for, they will find all they need on PricePanda to make the next holiday most memorable. The only things left to do are: going online, finding matching deals, enjoying the holiday preparation and relaxing!

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