POSCO shares its unique `sharing culture

– POSCO attends the Korean Sharing Festival – Introducing its five CSR areas and the 1% Sharing Foundation

Various experiential programs provide great appeal to visitors

POSCO attended the Korean Sharing Festival 2014 held on October 11th and 12th. During the event, it ran a corporate booth, introducing POSCO`s systematic sharing culture to visitors.

In this event, POSCO introduced its five CSR areas and the activities of the POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation launched in November of 2013. It also introduced its Green Walk campaign in which POSCO members reduce GHG emissions by actively practicing Four Green Activities of `Walk`, `Turn Off`, `Collect` and `Reduce` in their daily lives, and donate the mileage obtained from the activities.

Furthermore, POSCO also presented the `Bicycle Cotton Candy` corner as part of its carbon neutral program in which visitors could experience the pleasure of sharing. The audience showed a highly favorable response to various experiential programs POSCO presented in the event, including the instant photo-taking corner and the stainless steel wish tree corner in which visitors hung a `make-a-wish` note on the tree.

On the opening day, October 11th, Prime Minister Jung Hong-won visited the POSCO booth, and POSCO VP Lee Young-hoon briefed him on POSCO`s CSR activities. PM Jung even wrote the message “Best wishes to POSCO engaging in the sharing culture campaign,“ and hung it on the `make-a-wish` tree.

He also participated in the `Make a Hopeful Dream Gift Box` program to make boxes containing books and clothes with a hope message for socially neglected neighbors.

“Recently, sharing culture is being spotlighted in our society. POSCO will strive to get closer to the people with our differentiated sharing activities by actively implementing our CSR vision, `For a better world`,“ said POSCO Vice-President Lee Young-hoon.

The 5th Korean Sharing Festival, co-hosted by the National HQ of Sharing Korea and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, was held in nine major cities at the same time: Seoul, Gwangju, Daeju, Busan, Suwon, Ulsan, Incheon and Jeju.

Five CSR Areas – Communities (Sisterhood communities, agricultural leader training, etc.); Global Talent (Posco College Student Volunteer Group, etc.); Earth Environment (Clean Ocean Volunteer Group, etc.); Cultural Assets (Cultural Asset Caring Volunteer Group, etc.); and Multi-Cultural (Cafe O Asia, etc.) 

POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation – The foundation established to transparently manage the funds raised from voluntary donation of 1% of salary by POSCO Family members

– POSCO attended the Korean Sharing Festival 2014 held on October 11th and 12th, where it introduced its systematic sharing culture to visitors, including its five CSR areas and the POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation. In the photo, PM Jung Hong-won (mid-left) who visited the POSCO booth on the 11th is listening to the briefing on POSCO CSR activities by POSCO VP Lee Young-hoon. Hong Seong-hoon, PR Office