Poonam Soni in the Rolls Royce Coffee Table Book amongst the leading global luxury brands

Mumbai, 10th November 2014:Thriving in the ubiquitous luxury space with premium offerings in high end jewellery, Bespoke Jewellery Brand Poonam Soni has been featured in the Rolls Royce Coffee Table Book celebrating 90 years of the Phantom. The elite coffee table book features a two page spread, dedicated to the bespoke brand that elaborates on its design philosophy and features some of the customized designs.



Poonam Soni - Jeweller Designer

The brand Poonam Soni is synonymous with high end luxury and has been handpicked to partake in the limited edition book as it is at par with the values of aspirational global brands; the positioning and prestige gained over the years aptly fulfils the criteria set for the world renowned Rolls Royce’s celebrations of the Phantom.

Putting her on par with Rolls Royce, one of the most luxurious brands across the globe; after a comprehensive research of the luxury industry; Soni was identified as a bespoke brand to feature in the exclusive coffee table alongside top luxury brands in various segments.  The limited edition book will be gifted to 2000 of the most elite customers and the book to be showcased across all the Rolls Royce and Bentley showrooms.


Brand Poonam Soni was invited by Richard Freed, Director at St James’s House and received a crested invitation for the same. The Coffee Table book will be launched at an exclusive invite only event, amidst much fanfare on 11th December 2014, at the Dorchester in London.


Poonam Soni – a high end couture brand which has been at par with leading luxury brands was considered a perfect fit for the prestigious book for the elite. In the last 2 years Poonam Soni has made inroads in the U.S. market through a new brand of fashion jewellery retailed at select high end stores and participated this year at the two of the New York Fashion Weeks. The brand established as a couture brand for credibility and design by the fashion elite in the US and globally, Soni is planning to create further authenticity in the leading market by hallmarking all her collection pieces creating a wider market for excellent design and credibility.