Cloud-based gaming platform Playkey continues global expansion following launch in Germany

26th March 2018 – Cloud-based gaming platform Playkey is continuing its international assault on the cloud-gaming eco-system, as the platform has today launched in Germany. Revolutionising the way in which millions of gamers can access top-rated triple-A games, Playkey is continuing to position itself as a global leader within the cloud-gaming sphere.

Using cloud and streaming technology to aid users of less-powerful PCs and Macs to run demanding computer games without the need to acquire high-end and top-quality hardware, Playkey has already successfully established itself in the UK, Russia and CIS.

Launching in Germany with the support of the European solution provider G-Core Labs – known for its CDN partnership with game publisher Wargaming – and DARZ GmbH, one of the largest German IT providers, Playkey uses powerful remote servers, which are based on NVIDIA Tesla graphics cards to deliver a video-stream of the highest quality.

Egor Gurjev, CEO and Founder at Playkey said “We are incredibly excited to be growing our cloud-gaming offering and launching in Germany. We plan to invest heavily behind this expansion and will be bringing in a local country manager to develop this project further. We’re passionate about providing gamers access to the games they love, regardless of the hardware they own, and so this is a very exciting step for us in our mission to establish Playkey worldwide.”

Working directly with game publishers and with an extensive back-catalogue of games on offer, users will have easy access to top-rated games including Mafia III, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Dishonored series, Overwatch and more.

The German launch follows Playkey’s recent announcement of expansion in to South Korea, and news of a successful ICO, in which the cloud-based gaming platform raised more than $10.5 million to develop a decentralised P2P ecosystem, increasing its presence in the gaming market.


About Playkey
Playkey is a cloud gaming platform that allows games to be launched on all popular devices, including notebooks, low-power computers, and even devices based on macOS. The uniqueness of Playkey’s technology is that games are launched in the “cloud”—a net of remote Playkey data centres, while only a video stream is sent to the user through the home internet connection of 10 Mbps.
More than 2.5 million players per month use the Playkey cloud-based gaming platform. Playkey employs over 45 R&D specialists and has partnership agreements with game publishers such as Ubisoft, Bethesda, Namco, 2K, Blizzard and Wargaming. Previously, Playkey brought in $2.8 million in investments from major European venture funds.  As a result of the November 2017 ICO campaign, the project collected over $10.5 million to develop the decentralized Playkey P2P solution, which is scheduled to be launched at the end of 2018.

About G-Core Labs
G-Core Labs is a major European solution-provider with offices in Luxemburg, Minsk, Moscow, and Perm. The company provides infrastructure (CDN, media platform, hosting, and security solutions) for game developers, video services, and other companies with high demands concerning IT-infrastructure quality and data transfer speeds. Today G-Core Labs is also actively looking into participating in promising projects that are based on blockchain technology.

About DARZ Gmbh

DARZ is one of the largest German IT providers, with its very own infrastructure of data centres located in Darmstadt. The company provides a range of IT services, including the renting and leasing of data centres of the highest security level (Tier 3+), as well as providing computing power, data-backup, and other services. DARZ data centres are located in the former Hesse State Bank building and have the highest data centre security level in Germany. Constructed in the 80s, the building with the white facade was the Hesse State Bank’s repository of gold and cash reserves from 1988 to 2005.