Philanthropist Rao Karan Singh on a mission to extend a helping hand to the “underprivileged”

Gurugram: Philanthropist Rao Karan Singh has embarked on a noble mission of reaching out to the masses at the grassroots level. He was an integral part 4000-Km car rally initiative across India. The objective of the rally was to meet the common man and understand the problems they encounter in their daily lives. During the course of the rally, he traveled across the country.

“The car rally was one-of-a-kind initiative wherein I traveled across the country and met common people. They gave me insights on the problems they faced at the grassroots level. This initiative is closely aligned with my vision to become the voice of common people and redress their grievances,” said Rao Karan Singh.

Imbued with a desire to bring about a positive change in the society,  he aims to be the voice of common populace and sensitize them on crucial issues.

Son of India’s fastest woman racer, Bani Yadav, Karan has a penchant for racing. He is an accomplished Autocross National racer and has various accolades to his credit.

Karan has actively championed the cause of women empowerment and child welfare through his NGO ‘Badlaav- Ek Umeed ki Kiran’. Badlav was instrumental in reaching out to underprivileged kids through the provision of food and clothing.

Hailing from a mix of rural and cosmopolitan background and educated in the three world-renowned universities namely California State University, US, University of Birkbeck – London and Amity University, London, Karan has a keen insight towards socio-economic issues affecting the country.