PCAIT’s New Council aggressive on Executing Strategic Plan for betterment of the Industry in Delhi – NCR

PCAIT LogoNew Delhi, September 9, 2013: The New Executive Council of PCAIT (Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology) is in quick action mode. The council has been aggressively operational in initiating the plan of action which was conveyed to the Media in mid-August 2013 through its newly elected President, Alok Gupta Managing Director of Unistal Group of companies.

On the ongoing activities Mr. Alok Gupta, President, PCAIT Executive Council affirmed, “It is expected to spill over to the coming months too; PCAIT Members will be meetings 2 Government Departmental on bi-monthly basis to run channel community work without any hassle. Besides all the newly formed four Committees, earlier formed 5 committees were re-aligned as four for greater homogeneousness  viz. Arbitration Committee, Government Interfacing Committee, Committee for interfacing with other Associations in the country,  and Committee for Vendor Relation and Management of Event, PR, Membership and Websites.”

VAT Department and their Enforcement Directorate

In third week of August, a delegation of five office bearers of PCAIT met the Delhi VAT Commissioner and submitted a Memorandum in which strong feelings and concern were expressed about the untimely raids by the VAT Department and their Enforcement Directorate. The Commissioner agreed with the delegation.  He instructed the concerned Joint Commissioner to maintain a link with PCAIT which was asked to submit a list of all its Members with their TIN so that PCAIT can always know in advance if the department finds anything wrong in some members’ returns.  Members, if visited by anyone claiming to be from the Enforcement Directorate, are advised to verify from Mr. Ashish Mohan, Jt. Commissioner, in charge of Enforcement.

Thus the VAT Commissioner though strict was responsive to constructive criticisms and suggestions by PCAIT. He has agreed with many submissions by PCAIT while few, he did not agree to.

Federation of Nehru-place Associations & Meeting with honorable Chief Minister of Delhi

On the morning of 21 August 2013, a delegation from FONA (Federation of Nehru-place Associations, an Apex Body, of which PCAIT was one of the founding Members) along with a couple of PCAIT’s office bearers met the honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Sheila Dixit.  She was quick to remember the time she spent with PCAT’s EC Members during the Delhi government’s mission to Moscow in May- June 2006. She was impressed upon the urgent need for Nehru Place facelift which is virtually the main IT hub of the NCR generating huge income for the Government of Delhi and India. She, in the presence of the delegation, sent in instructions to the concerned department in the office of Lt. Governor of Delhi to take quick remedial actions in respect of Nehru Place.

Post discussion with Chief Minister, again some office bearers of PCAIT and FONA met Sh. Karunakaran, Deputy Police Commissioner of South East Delhi in whose jurisdiction, Nehru Place falls.  Sh. Karuna karan was impacted to understand the lax-handling of affairs by their low-rung officials posted in Nehru Place. He agreed to enforce status quo in Nehru Place once DDA clears all unauthorized traders loitering there and submits in evidence a video recording of same.  Mr. Alok Gupta (Unistal) volunteered to arrange for such a video even if DDA also produced one.

All Members and Channel partners alike are eagerly waiting and watching as to how the future is going to unfold for PCAIT and all feel it is all going to be very bright, productive and fruitful.


PCAIT or the Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology is a mature, open non-profit association co-creating the growth and harnessing the potential of the Information Technology Industry governed by ethical, fair, business practices and setting standards for the benefit of all.

While NASSCOM has been there to work for the interests of IT software related industries, the need for a dedicated association to work for the common good of IT Channels was increasingly felt. As a consequence, a group of 15 like-minded entrepreneurs representing various organizations voluntarily came forward in May 2004 to convert this dream into a reality. During the ensuing 10 months, more than 20 meetings were held at different locations to identify the Vision, Mission and Objectives of PCAIT. And finally, all the hard work of these 15 Progressive Men became a reality in March 2005 when the association was formally registered with the authorities.

With a mission statement “Work together, Build together, Progress together” (or “Juro, Joro aur Aage barho” in Hindi) the association has around a hundred IT businesses as members, represented by their respective promoters.