Paytm revamps its app, aims exponential growth in Money Transfers this year

– Introduces new UI with personalization

– Increased thrust on Money Transfer transactions

– Transforming payments for house rent, supplier/ wholesale, freelancers, salaries of unorganized workforce, among others

– Processing 1Bn transactions a quarter

– Now, make quick payments in fewer steps.

2nd April 2018. New Delhi: India’s leading payment gateway Paytm that offers comprehensive payment services for customer and merchants has revamped its app to make it even more user friendly and intuitive. We are excited to unveil an all new Paytm experience for you — your Paytm App has now become more personalised, user-friendly and intuitive!

With this revamp, we have incorporated invaluable feedback from user insights into our P2P & money transfer flows. We have made sending money to anyone easier by reducing the number of steps, adding more options for funding source, optimising the backend and adding features such as Recents. This will now help you make quicker payments on Paytm.

An All-New Home Screen

You will now see a fresh look of the Paytm App home screen. We wanted to make it simpler and let you focus on some of the most used Paytm features.

We have personalised this section for you: you will now see relevant categories upfront based on your usage. The rest will be under the View All button below the second row. This will help you navigate your way faster on the home screen.

When you use any service which is inside, it will automatically be placed on the front when you need it the next time. You can make one-touch quick payments from your Home Screen under the Recent Payments section. It carries all recent payments you have made at stores & retail outlets or money you have paid to your friends.

Money Transfer Revamp

Money Transfers have now become simpler & faster. You will now discover the ease in sending money from any bank account to any bank account at 0% fee. You can also add beneficiaries, which is an enhanced security feature for making faster repeat payments.

Money Transfers have now become simpler & faster

Now, send money to bank account beneficiaries, UPI address, Aadhaar number or to any Mobile directly. Money Transfer on Paytm is quicker & more efficient than ever before!

The New Passbook

Your Passbook, which shows your account history and balance has been revamped to present all information in a snapshot. It now allows you to see a summary of all accounts you hold on Paytm, i.e. Savings Account, Fixed Deposit, UPI, Wallet, Food Wallet, Gift Wallet and more.

Your New Profile Section

Your Paytm profile has also gone dynamic with personalised experience. The most relevant items will be visible to you here upfront. Your user profile QR code has also levelled up! It allows someone to send you money or get themselves added to your contacts and start a chat. You can even save this QR Code to your gallery. The familiar Paytm Scanner too has gotten its own upgrade, and you will now be able to see your recent scans upfront — an easy way to repeat payments!

The Paytm Scanner too has gotten an upgrade

In the same section, you will see a showcase of Paytm’s cool cashback offers, again personalised to your usage. When you scroll down on this section, you will even find easy to understand videos of how to use various features of Paytm.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, try your new Paytm App. The latest update is now live on iOS and is being rolled out on Android too.