P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre celebrates Women’s Day with Mrs. Shabana Azmi and Magic Bus NGO

March 7, 2015, Mumbai: On account of International Women’s Day, Smt. Lalita Giridhar Hinduja also known as the Mother of Pearl and the one who demonstrated that a women’s compassion can heal the world, was remembered and her words reiterated to the young generation as P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre celebrated the spirit of womanhood with their lady doctors and women staff.

Shabana Azmi at a Women Empowerment initiative at PD Hinduja Hospital  Mahim-W_ Shabana Azmi with girls from Magic Bus NGO for Women Empowerment at PD Hinduja_

Chief Guest, Mrs. Shabana Azmi, veteran actress and social activist, interacted with more than 100 women inspiring them to continue to positively influence the society. Addressing the audience, she said, “Acceptance of violence has gotten into the Indian woman’s DNA. When women get empowered, they will change the notion of power in a way that we change the attitude of the world towards women.”


Mr. Gautam Khanna, CEO – P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Mahim said, “Women are an indispensable part of healthcare service delivery and we want to empower them for bett​erment of society as a whole. We want to reach out to the women and make them better equipped to ensure good health and life for their families.”


Girls from NGO Magic Bus accompanied the hospital’s women staff throughout the day to understand the role women play in providing quality healthcare services to patients. This initiative was intended to motivate these girls to look at healthcare as a career option. The women were enthralled with the special gourmet cooking and Bollywood dance training sessions organized for them.

To support the cause of women empowerment, more than 100 women from the hospital including patients, doctors and staff will be participating in a Women’s marathon organized in the city tomorrow.