Ozone Pharma brings DFO 4X Gel – An Advanced Topical Analgesic for Fast Relief from Pain and Inflammation

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd, one of India’s premium Pharmaceutical companies brings its latest topical pain reliever product – DFO 4X Gel that aligns with the brand’s motto of ‘Pain Eradication’ [Pain Elimination]. In sync with offering this new and innovative product, the brand launched a campaign in May, 2017; named, ‘Dard Baanton Nahi, Mitao’, addressing the consumers’ common pain points such as injuries, muscle pain, sprains etc. The aim was to create an emotional connect with consumers’ agony and the brand. With an objective of ‘eradicating’ the word pain from consumers’ life, the brand received an overwhelming response in the market, through this compelling campaign. Since the launch of this campaign, 70000 units of Ozone D.F.O. 4X Gel have been sold pan India – an incredible feat. It is noteworthy that, currently, DFO 4X Gel contributes about 12.5% to the company’s overall business.

With an efficacy rate of 31% faster than normal gels, DFO 4X Gel  is an effective and  efficient advanced topical pain relief product containing ‘high dose’ – Diclofenac Diethylamine 4.64 % for ‘Direct Acting’ deep penetration of the epidermis (outer most layer of the skin), which translates into ‘site-specific effect’  and instant pain and inflammation relief.

D.F.O. 4X Gel has superior efficacy without compromising safety in management of: osteoarthritis (oa) pain, acute musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, sprains and strains, sciatica pain, neck pain, back pain, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain and repetitive sports injury; this efficacy and safety profile makes D.F.O. 4X Gel the most preferred product.

Key benefits of D.F.O. 4X Gel include:

  • F.O. 4X Gel is highly effective in treating short-term as well as long-term pain
  • F.O. 4X Gel works 4 times faster compared to conventional Diclofenac gels.
  • F.O. 4X is available in the form of gel and spray
  • F.O. 4X Gel is a niche product and caters to those who are looking for fast and lasting results without side effects and is affordably priced at INR 139/-

The Brand D.F.O. has a Range of five products, meant for all ages from children to the elderly. The other products offered by the brand include: D.F.O. Gel 30 g / 50 g (Rs 85), D.F.O. Nano Gel (Rs 90), D.F.O. Spray (Rs 120), D.F.O. Red (Rs 90)

About Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Established in 1991, Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd is one of the premium pharmaceutical companies in India. Owing to its diversified interests in Pharmaceuticals, Skin care, Hair care, Personal care, Beauty and Wellness, Ozone has garnered its reputation as a group committed to providing quality wellness & beauty products. The Ozone Group of Companies has manufacturing plants pan India. Some of the locations are, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Assam. The company is a firm believer in modern methods of standardization and quality control. With a focus on prescription drugs across 14 therapy areas like pain management, nutritional supplements & wellness, women’s hygiene,  eye care modalities, anti-infective, drugs for the management of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and hemostats; Ozone Group of Companies stands as a mission committed to serve for the benefit of the society at large –  Because, Life is Precious.