The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau, CLP India and Client Associates’ Power Talk Emerging World Order and its Impact on Business

December 7, 2017: The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau, CLP India, and Client Associates partnered to organize the Power Talk on “Emerging World Order and its Impact on Business” an interesting and insightful conversation between Former National Security Advisor, MK Narayanan and Renowned Journalist, Shekhar Gupta, today morning, at the Magnolia Club in Gurgaon.

MK Narayanan, Former NSA Chief, started the morning with insights on the evolving global paradigm, geo politics and global trends impacting how the world conducts business. He dwelled on the two main transformational changes taking place in the existing world order: perceived decline of the US and the rise of China as a super power. Elaborating on this, he stated that NATO is no longer a force it once was and China is soon becoming the second most economic power after US. It has increased its role and become the most important trading partner of 92 countries. Additionally, China has the second or third most  powerful military in the world, thereby, securing its place as a new economic super power.

On being asked whether politics drives economics or is it the other way? MK Narayanan stated, “We cannot separate politicas and economics. They do intersect and will continue to intersect more  and more. Having said that, we need to focus more on economics in order to see continues growth”

The conversation ended on a high note with an off-the-cuff style question from Shekhar Gupta asking MK Narayanan on the 20th year anniversary of the NSA Chief position being established, “ every top position in the country is taken by IAS. What is it about NSA that it goes only to IPS & IFS officials?” To which MK Narayanan replied, “the NSA position was modeled on the foreign policy advisory services – it was not supposed to be part of the PM office. Brijesh Mishra increased its scope and said it should be a part of the main center of the government. And by nature of work, foreign services have a broader working knowledge of what’s going on outside, and what’s going on inside, the borders, making them the best choice for the role of NSA Chief”. The audience interaction post session had a very interesting take on the emerging world order budget and its scope around Ind-China-Pak relations, France and its scope of re-inventing itself and also the declining power of the US, as compared to its role earlier in a global scenario.

A division of Genesis Burson-Marsteller, The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau’s Power Talk regularly engages exemplary speakers in thought-provoking conversations with an aim to ignite powerful ideas. Kriti Makhija, Business Leader, The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau, said, “The third edition of the Power Talk convened eminent industry experts from The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau, CLP India & Client Associates’, sharing insights on the Emerging World Order. The Power Talk was created with a vision to be a wealth bank of knowledge and events such as this discussion help foster a meeting of like minds and sharing of perspectives.”



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