Outotec joins initiative to establish the Industrial Waters Excellency Center in Russia

outotecOutotec joins initiative to establish the Industrial Waters Excellency Center in Russia

Outotec collaborates with OAO Severstal, Kemira and Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd in the area of establishing the Industrial Waters Excellency Center IWEC to address issues related to industrial water consumption in Russia. IWEC’s main training venues will be in the Severstal facilities in Cherepovets, Russia.

The objective of the Industrial Waters Excellency Center IWEC is to present new water technologies and solutions to Russian industries to reduce the environmental burden and, at the same time, provide better economic performance at lower costs. The agreed collaboration will be carried out via implementation of actual projects, each of which is negotiated separately. The first project will be optimization of water circulation in steelworks of Severstal.

IWEC will also start studying mining, food and beverage, fertilizer, oil and gas, power production, and forestry industries. The scope of activities will include among other things the treatment of process waters and sludge, energy efficiency in water treatment, chemicals to increase treatment efficiency, Russian and international legislation and compliance systems, economically feasible technologies of waste water treatment, and the decrease of unaccounted water losses.

“We are committed to reducing the emissions of environmentally harmful substances to the Baltic Sea through the Baltic Sea Action Group. In that commitment we promised to promote the best available water technologies to Russian industries, which is well in line with this IWEC initiative. We are very pleased that Severstal has joined this initiative to establish IWEC. The cooperation is also an evidence of good progress in networking of Northern Dimension Forum. There are opportunities to improve environmental conditions through water treatment and, at the same time, enhance efficiency”, says Outotec’s CTO Kari Knuutila.