Outokumpu launches new product categorization and innovations

outokumpu logo newOutokumpu lauches new product categorization and innovations

Outokumpu today announced a new way to categorize its wide range of stainless steel products. By arranging its products according to performance, such as strength, heat-resistance and corrosion-resistance, the company puts customer needs first. The new approach will help customers to identify and compare different product options and so find the best product for their specific performance and cost-efficiency needs.

Said Outokumpu CEO, Mika Seitovirta: “We’re constantly striving to offer the best solutions for our customers. Customer feedback inspired us to rearrange our products according to performance characteristics rather than their chemical composition and so create an easier way for customers to explore our comprehensive portfolio. Our new categorization will make it easier for the customer to assess and select the optimum product.”

The new portfolio structure features nine product ranges, which highlight the key properties of their respective products such as corrosion-resistance, heat-resistance, strength, hardness and machinability. In the Classic product family, the three ranges – Core, Moda and Supra – represent the basic, all-round grades. The Pro product family includes six ranges: Forta for Duplex and other high-strength needs, Ultra for extremely corrosive environments, Dura for high hardness, Therma for high heat-resistance, Prodec for improved machinability and Deco for special surfaces. To further facilitate exploration of the portfolio, Outokumpu has introduced a new interactive on-line tool.

Outokumpu launched its new product categorization at Outokumpu Experience, a global customer event for some 500 customers and stainless steel professionals, in Berlin, Germany, from May 27 to 28, 2015. In connection with the event, Outokumpu launched new innovations: an enhanced version of austenitic Supra 316L/4404, Supra 316plus™ which has better strength, corrosion resistance and formability; a ferritic containing no nickel, Core 4622; and high-strength lightweight Forta H-series for the automotive industry.


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