outokumpu logo newThe Finnish Supreme Court has today rejected the petition for leave to appeal by the Finland’s state prosecutor regarding the verdict by the Kouvola Court of Appeal on April 19, 2012 in which it dismissed all charges against Outokumpu and its employees concerning export practices to Russia during 2004-2006.

Said Kimmo Karihtala Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Compliance: “We are very pleased with the Supreme Court’s ruling. The process started exactly seven years ago. We immediately ordered a comprehensive internal investigation that convinced us that the accusations had no grounds. This has since then been confirmed many times, as every court instance in Finland has dismissed all charges against Outokumpu and its employees. We warmly welcome this final conclusion on the matter.”

In March 2007, Finnish Customs authorities initiated a criminal investigation into the Group’s Tornio Works’ export practices to Russia. The process of considering possible charges was completed in November 2010. The case was taken to court in March 2011 as charges were pressed against Outokumpu and five of its employees. The District Court of Kymenlaakso dismissed all the claims of the prosecutor in its verdict handed down on June 22, 2011. The prosecutor appealed against the verdict related to Outokumpu and three of its employees. The Kouvola Court of Appeal dismissed all charges by the prosecutor in its verdict in April 19, 2012. The state prosecutor filed a petition for leave to appeal to the Finnish Supreme Court, who today rejected to appeal, thereby bringing the case to a final conclusion.

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