outokumpu logo newJanuary 22, 2014 at 10.00 am EET

Since the announcement of new Daily Alloy Surcharge (DAS) pricing model for distributor customers in Europe, Outokumpu has been discussing the new pricing model actively with its customers. As a result of the dialogue, Outokumpu plans to further develop the model to ensure a smooth transition to the new ways of working.

Says Olli-Matti Saksi, head of sales, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa): “Being able to better influence on price elements and having additional decision freedom are critical aspects to many of our customers. Some of our customers have asked us to further develop options available within the Daily Alloy Surcharge (DAS). We understand the needs of our customers and therefore, we will increase the number of options within the Outokumpu DAS pricing model.”

The new additional option 3 – DAS Average Flex – gives our customers more flexibility and individuality along with ways to decrease their own alloy risk. With the new DAS Average Flex an average period of the daily alloy surcharges can be defined individually within the time frame of order and delivery date.

“With Outokumpu’s new Daily Alloy Surcharge we grant our customers a unique flexibility in fixing the price. Options 1 & 2 are giving full flexibility regarding the alloy surcharge fixation at one specific day whereas option 3 decreases the risk of price volatility for our customers through average pricing based on chosen period”, says Olli-Matti Saksi.

Once the additional option 3 has been implemented successfully in the second quarter of 2014, it will be available for all mill deliveries to distributor customers in Europe. You can find more information on the Daily Alloy Surcharge model on www.outokumpu.com.

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