ORRA’s elegant range of Platinum Kadas for men

Precious platinum the choice of discerning men of style and substance

  ORRA's elegant range of Platinum Kadas for men Platinum kada  (1) Platinum Kada

– ORRA’s elegant range of Platinum Kadas for men –

December 2014: Known for its enigmatic yet subtle style and innate strength, the precious metal platinum remains the obvious choice when it comes to men’s jewellery. ORRA handsomely crafted platinum Kadas are a fitting choice in jewellery as it matches the masculine sensibilities of today’s men, who are looking at sophistication for their jewellery.


The new collection of platinum Kadas, which is an apt emblem of the Kara, the revered design form is set in eternal platinum in an aesthetic modern design form. Adapting the key design concept of ‘Luxury Archaeology’, which is a blend of ancient and modern designs; the eternal symbolism in each piece reflects the essence of the Kara. The rest of themen’s collection by ORRA encompasses smart, understated platinum pieces of chains, bracelets, ringsand cufflinks.

Platinum appeals to the man’s sense of practicality as the metal withstand the rigors of daily wear. It does not wear away and does not fade or tarnish over time.  It is a highly precious and valuable metal and therefore satisfies the price and value consideration as platinum offers the wearer exclusivity.

Platinum is a naturally occurring precious and eternal white metal and an expression of integrity. Platinum jewellery is as close as you can get to absolute purity as every piece is 95 per cent pure, as compared to 18k gold, which is 75 per cent pure. From the time that it is mined to the final piece of jewellery this pure metal is absolutely white. This natural colour will neither fade nor tarnish with time.


Price Range: Rs.1 Lac onwards


Price subject to vary depending on current metal rate and weight.


In order to assure consumers of the purity of platinum jewellery, each piece of platinum jewellery comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity hallmark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece. This also serves as an assurance of a ‘buy back’ programme.


To know more about this precious metal and see more designs log on to:  www.preciousplatinum.in