Ori Martin commissions  one of the most efficient and environmental friendly systems in the world from Tenova.

tenovaA new Consteel® Evolution combined with a Tenova iRecovery system will guarantee to Ori  Martin a reduction in the consumption to the lowest level while contributing district heating to the local community.   



Milan, October, 4th 2014. – Ori Martin is revamping the first European Consteel, installed in Brescia, Italy,

In 1998, and which is still operating with a high level of performances today. After 16 years of continuous and successfull operation, the feeding system for EAF will be substituted for a new Consteel Evolution ® that will increase flexibility, improve quality and reduce consumption.

The new Consteel Evolution ® will be combined with a Tenova iRecovery system, able to recover the thermal energy present in the dirty fume coming from the Electrical Arc Furnace and generate steam.

The Tenova new iRecovery system will deliver thermal energy to the Italian city of Brescia heat district grid during winter time (10 MW) and will feed an ORC turbo-generator to produce electric energy for Ori Martin’s internal use. The steel plant will have a saving on fuel consumption with a consequent reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 10,000 t/y. The implementation of service by new the system is planned for the 2015-16 season.


Ori Martin’s core business for many yearshas been  the production of special steels for mechanical engineering, and, in particular, for the automotive sector. The research for even  more detailed and qualitative market niches and the specialization in steels that more than adequately  meet the demand of the European automotive industry, have enabled  Ori Martin to offer more than two hundred different types  of steel.


Tenova is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products and services for the metals and mining & mineral industries. With about 4,800 people, Tenova operates through more than 30 companies located in 26 countries on 5 continents.

In the metals industry sector, Tenova offers innovative and integrated solutions for the design and supply of direct reduction plants, melt shops, secondary steel making facilities, reheating and heat treatment furnaces, strip processing lines, cold rolling mills, roll grinders and roll shops.

Tenova is committed to further develop its technology in the areas that mostly impact the future of the industries it serves: quality of products delivered to customers, energy saving, and environmental safeguards.