On the occasion of Fathers Day, Episode Unveils exotic collection of Bar Accessories 

Fun. Stylish. Functional. Bar accessories by Episode is great gifting option for Fathers Day. The collection transforms your bar to the core. Each of the pieces weaves magic in the experience with its sophistication. Not to mention, the one-of-a-kind designs are crafted to attract a million glances and add a chic flair to your home. There is a huge range of bar accessories including Silver Plated Whiskey Flask,  Silver Plated Wine Cooler, Silver Plated Ice Bucket, Silver Plated Glass Elegence, Silver Plated Ice Bucket With Tong Congo, Silver Plated Bar Set, and many more interesting bar accessories.

Price- On Request  


About Episode 

Silver is a medium to express design for us, we are firm believers of purity. We do not believe in fusion, the word does not exist for us, instead we believe that beauty lies in the traditional standing alongside contemporary. The guiding philosophy, the drive for Episode is aesthetics. Each piece has its own look and feel, its own power to look good on its own, whatever ambience it is placed in. In fact, it should enhance and add to the ambience.

We are not of the ‘collection’ mindset. We believe more in offering something new and unique to the customer overtime they visit, thus ‘variety’ is the mantra. Quality is of the utmost importance to us and at Episode, we make sure that anything with our name on it, is absolute perfection. This is no mean feat but we have achieved the best through generations of experience.