InShip Consultants LogoBangalore Jan, 2012.  Co-Founder Nisha Padaki announced the launch of InShip Consultants, a privately held company operating in the field of Public Relation and Communication, Real Estate, and Technology in Bangalore. The company is slated to roll out a diverse set of customized services in the following weeks. Co-founder Neeta Padaki, a Finance industry professional said “the growing need for customer centric intelligent solutions, customization of unique services and above all our desire for entrepreneurship shaped the pillars of InShip Consultants”. InShip has put together a dynamic team of professionals, freelancers, and vendors, who can take an innovative approach to accelerating brand and asset values of the customers.


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InShip Consultants has set itself an ambitious growth and outreach targets of covering over 10 major cities in India, thus building a sustainable company with international outreach and global partnerships. InShip Consultants also has a strong CSR program that aims at mentoring young minds and harnessing entrepreneurship skills among youngsters and women. “Our goal is to create a holistic company that gives back to the community and empowers women to achieve their dreams” says Nisha Padaki, a seasoned professional in Communications.


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Today, India ranks fairly high in the increasing number of entrepreneurs. There is also a growing infrastructure and VC support to assist start-ups. AnandKutre, MD, True Consultancy says“unique start-ups like InShip Consultants will fuel India’s growth and economy potential”.  Entrepreneurship has gained greater importance at global level under changing economic scenarios.  The global economy in general and Indian economy in particular is poised for accelerated growth driven by entrepreneurship.

About InShip Consultants

InShip Consultants Pvt.Ltd. is a diverse Technology, Communication, and Real Estate Company focused on improving brand and asset values through timely innovation. InShip integrates the diverse service lines to provide customized people-centric solutions, based on fundamental customer and market insights.Neeta Padaki and Nisha Padaki, sisters and seasoned industry professionals in the fields of Finance and Communication started this venture with an outlook of creating a multi-national company.