Nose Art–DNA: RJ-Romain Jerome salutes the patriots of charm

Recognizing man’s abilities to out-do himself and pursue his dreams, RJ-Romain Jerome creates a new legend, honouring the contemporary adventurer with a new Nose Art-DNA watch.

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Celebrating the extremely adventurous and bold spirits of the 20th Century, RJ-Romain Jerome introduces a timepiece that combines charismatic design with historical references. Inspired by the premise of air travel and combat-pilots’ secret talismans, the brand introduces two new timepieces from its Capsules collection, the Nose Art-DNA.

True to the likeness of the brands creativity, RJ-Romain Jerome has embedded DNA from a famous Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress into the case of its new timepiece. Launched in January 1945, the “Pink Lady” served many missions during WWII under the US army based in Great Britain. After the war, the “Lady” participated in multiple exploratory missions all over the globe and became the star of many motion pictures. Featured in movies such as “La Grande Vadrouille” in 1966, “Memphis Belle” in 1990, and most recently in the 2012 movie “Red Tails”, the “Pink Lady”  marked the skies and men’s hearts throughout her history. She also flew over the famous Champs-Elysées, following a special request from ex-French President François Mitterrand, on July 14th 1984.

Prized for her loyalty and bold spirit, the “Pink Lady” is also recognized for her compelling Nose Art. This Art form first appeared on Italian and German aircrafts during The Great War. However the golden age for Nose Art is reported to have taken place during WWII. Many soldiers developed a strong bond with their aircraft during that time and affectionately decorated them with paintings of pin-ups or shark-mouths.  The paintings were tolerated in many countries in an effort to boost the moral of the troops. Nose Art was thought to bring luck and courage to the soldiers. Pin-ups were rapidly praised for their beauty and became the soldiers secret talismans.

It is with this spirit that each Nose Art-DNA watch plays a shy game of hide-and-seek with beautiful and seductive pin-ups of its own. Inspired by the famous Varga girls, the pin-ups slighly await on the case-backs of each timepiece adding a burlesque twist to your wrist.

Housed in a new 46mm case, the black PVD-coated steel timepiece highlights an original green and brown camouflage dial whilst the aesthetic nature of the red gold model is enhanced by a grey camouflage pattern. The minutes and second counters at 3 and 9 o’clock recall a cockpit with its reading instruments in the shape of satin-brushed minute and hour hands. The case of the watch is enclosed by a specially designed flat sapphire crystal, while the watch’s engine is composed of a mechanical self-winding Valjoux based chronograph movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. Each case back hides its own individually painted pin-up, delicately  tucked under a transparent sapphire glass.

Inspired by aviator straps, the brand has added a calf NATO strap to both new models. This specific design was created to prevent the watch from sliding off the wrist while in the line of fire and was chosen by soldiers for its durability.

Limited edition, the Nose Art-DNA collection offers a selection of unique models to choose from the 99 timepieces per edition. Embodying the adrenaline of a soldier and the design aesthetics of the war, the watch will give you a sense of belonging and a natural attraction to the patriots of charm…