Nokia Location services deliver an unparalleled local experience to consumers

Nokia Location services deliver an unparalleled local experience to consumers

Nokia India today showcased their exciting and growing range of best-in-class location and mapping services in Bangalore today. Location & Commerce services today are bridging the virtual and the real world and constantly updating localized information. The Nokia Location suite offers the most comprehensive, integrated mapping experience on any smartphone today. Nokia has been dedicated to the art and science of location for more than two decades, with maps that are used more than 100 million times a day using a wide variety of devices, services, and apps; more than 2.4 million changes are made to the maps every day.


Nokia Maps: Nokia has maps for close to 200 countries and more than 100 of these maps can be navigated. The Maps also have a search feature covering 75 million points of interest globally – allowing easy search for locations and the best directions to get there. You can also search by genre. For example foodies who love to sample the local fare in each city know that with Nokia Maps they will easily find the restaurant and cuisine of their choice. People can also save their favorite spots to the map, share a route by SMS, email or social networks, and access their most visited places immediately. Nokia also introduced 3D maps –more than a year ago, with photorealistic images available in 25 cities around the globe; they are not only beautiful, they’re also useful: you can search and plan routes in 3D and get an animated 3D preview of your driving directions. In India, Nokia Maps are available for over 4000 cities with over 7 million points of interest across the country.

Nokia Drive: Nokia Drive turns your device into a fully-fledged PND – for free. Based on Nokia’s leading and unmatched hybrid mapping technology, it offers voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation in more than 50 languages including Hindi and more than 100 countries with full offline capabilities. An integrated speed limit warning system, an advanced dashboard, and the ability to let people save their last destinations complete the hassle-free experience. It also helps users save costs with pre-loadable country map data and navigation voices. A smoother drive, one commute at a time – Nokia Conversations : the official Nokia blog

Nokia City Lens: Nokia City Lens, the latest addition to the Nokia location suite. Simply launch the app on your phone and City Lens will display the points of interests on your screen. By pointing the camera at a city street, City Lens overlays information about restaurants, shops, hotels and more on the surfaces of buildings, for the most intuitive way to explore surroundings. Select your interests in many different categories – City Lens will filter the points of interests and present your choices. Go a step further and get details, read reviews of restaurants and hotels. With one tap you can make a reservation, or navigate to the location via turn by turn walking map. In India, City Lens is available for all mapped cities.

Nokia Traffic is a real-time traffic service on Nokia smart-phones for its users in Delhi and Mumbai. The application is available to any Nokia smart-phone that operating systems free of cost. All you need to pay is data services charges from you telecom service providers. Supported at the backend by NAVTEQ Traffic Pro (owned by Nokia Location & Commerce), this live service offers superior coverage with detailed info about traffic speeds on motorways, as well as on main and secondary roads. Helping you get more accurate routes and better estimated travel timings even while saving on fuel and time.

Nokia Transport

Available in more than 500 cities in 46 countries, Nokia Transport has received a lot of attention since we first introduced it at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. The application allows consumers to easily find, within city limits, public transport stations /stops, addresses, and points of interest, as well as choose from multiple routes and connections. You can also view earlier and later departure times to make smarter travel choices and save favourite routes from different locations as a tile on your phone home screen for instant access from anywhere. All you need to do is just download Nokia Transport for your Nokia Lumia from the Windows Phone Marketplace. This service is now available across 11 cities in India including Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Surat, Vadodara. Currently the information is on schedules of different transport systems. Nokia Conversations » New Maps, Drive and Transport in depth Comments Feed


Recently at the Paris Mondial 2012 Show, Nokia has also announced that its Location & Commerce business unit is extending its collaboration with seven* of the world’s top automotive brands, further establishing its leadership in the vehicle sector. Powering four-out-of-five integrated in-dash navigation systems; Nokia is the only company that provides end-to-end mapping and navigation solutions for the automotive environment from maps content to location platform and mapping applications and making it available to partners.

· Mercedes A-Class navigation to feature NAVTEQ® Map data

· Pioneer: NAVTEQ® Maps to power aftermarket systems

· Volkswagen Group: new infotainment systems to be powered with NAVTEQ® Map data

· Hyundai: infotainment strategy includes NAVTEQ® Map data

· Garmin: Nokia’s Transit and Pedestrian Content to power Urban Guidance

· Volvo: Nokia Location Platform to deliver a complete, global map and location services solution for its first connected navigation systems.

Vipul Mehrotra, Director, Smartphones, Nokia India

“Nokia’s strategy is to deliver great mobile products that sense the world. In fact, today Nokia is the leading mapping company in terms of quantity and quality. We have maps for close to 200 countries and more than 100 of these maps can be navigated. Our business in this area started out as maps and navigation, and we brought it together with our services business to create a new platform – one that offers an unmatched bouquet of consumer experiences ranging from Nokia Maps to Nokia Drive to Nokia Traffic and Transport on Nokia Asha and Nokia Lumia smartphones.

In addition, our platform is also powering the efforts of partners from web enterprises as well as the car and mobile industry to develop complementary location-based services and other offerings. Four out of five cars today, if they have a navigation system, are using Nokia capabilities. In this respect, we are unmatched in the industry.”

About Nokia’s Location & Commerce Business

Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. The company’s Location & Commerce business, including NAVTEQ® Maps products, the Nokia Location Platform as well as Nokia Maps, aims to build and monetize unique location experiences for great mobile products, as well as the navigation industry, the automotive market and government and business solutions. Begin to explore our capabilities at