NO More Rape Flash Mob at TGIP brings out the pain and agony of the Rape Victims

Noida, October 10, 2018: The Great India Place (TGIP) Mall also known as one of the prime locations in Delhi-NCR for all the fun, food and leisure needs in India recently stood witness to a heartrending ‘NO More Rape’ Flash Mob by Being Social, an NGO. Hundreds of participants from all age groups participated in the flash mob that was aimed at creating awareness and alertness relating to social problems like rape and eve teasing. Unlike, the common flash mobs, this one was focused at urging the females to speak up, stay strong and take instant action against any such incidents. The volunteers from the NGO along with Kumar Gaurav (President, Being Social) and Praveen Prem Shukla (General Secretary, Being Social) were there motivating crowds to come together and pledge to stop such incidents and make the nation’s women feel safe and secure in every part of the country.

Keeping aside all their weekly tensions and stress, people came on the Being Social’s desk registered themselves, pledged for creating a rape & eve teasing free nation and voluntarily started becoming a part of the mob. The flash-mob which was started with a very few participants started increasing rapidly and within the 20-minutes of mob performance, there were over hundreds in the mall that supported the noble cause.

Talking about the flash mob, Mahim Singh, Mall Head, The Great India Place said, In the atmosphere of complete family fun, located in a prime location of Delhi & NCR region, TGIP Mall is a perfect destination for the families to enjoy, relax and get refreshed, away from the city’s chaos. But along with delivering the best to our customers’ shopping, leisure and entertainment needs, we also take working for the upliftment of our society as our due priority. By sharing our mall space for social cause events like NO More Rape Flash Mob by Being Social we do our bit in creating a safe, secure and better society for all.”

Sharing his opinions on women safety & security in the nation, Kumar Gaurav, President of Being Social said, “With rising rape and eve-teasing incidents in the nation, it’s high time for all to come together and help the women gain confidence to speak up and fight against such horrible people who indulge in such heinous activities. We can’t commit a safe and secure place for the females of the country unless and until we support them in speaking up against any harassment faced by them. And, NO More Rape Flash Mob was our one such initiative to seek support in helping the women voice their problems freely in the society.”