Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust honours Women for inspiration and excellence in work

–        37 women of courage and extraordinary work honoured at the award ceremony

DELHI- Nirbhaya, a symbol of courage and power for every woman fighting against the injustice, will always remain fresh in the minds of countrymen for her bravery. In her loving memory, the Nirbhaya Jyoti along with PR Professionals organised the1st National Women Achievers Excellence Award for Empowerment and Inspiration in Indian Islamic Centre, Lodhi road.

Famous activist and social worker, Ms Nafisa Ali was the Chief Guest and Smt Sulekha Kumbhare, Member National community minority was the Guest of Honour. The program was also attended by Nirbhaya’s parents, Bollywood Singer Shankar Sahni and other celebrities.

“We are fighting since last six years and my daughter has always been my strength. We should always remember December 16 as it gives us the courage to walk forward in our life. When I saw the entire country standing for Nibhaya’s justice, I thought things would change, but daughters are still becoming the victims of heinous crimes. I lost my daughter but her accused are still alive. Justice should be given on time so that people have their faith in it. There is a need of strong law against it and there is a need of change in the mentality of every person, whether he is a politician or a commoner,” said Asha Devi, mother of Nirbhya.

This Award has been envisaged as a platform to recognize and celebrate those women who are committed to challenge the status quo and pave the way for building a society based on the prime principle of gender equality. The awards were given to women for their path-breaking work in the fields of Education, Entrepreneurship, Social Service, Politics, Administration, Media & Journalism, Art & Culture, Sports, and Disabilities for Empowerment, Awareness, Sensitization, and Communication.

 “Every single day women from all walks of life are being assaulted. I feel bad whenever I read the news of a small girl being molested. Today human has become a devil. It is necessary that the society and the government should work together in this direction to remove the evils from the society. At Adayant, the life we envision for every child is of becoming a conscientious global citizen, a person who will respect every section of the society. I behalf of Aadyant School also promise to provide any possible support to the Nirbhaya Trust for helping the victims of the society,” said, Ruchi Mittal, award winner.

 “I am happy to have received the award and thankful to the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust for this honour and appreciation. Such Awards inspire us to fight all odds and march forward.  In today’s world, women with their ambitions, intelligence and strength have proved that the word “inferior” has nothing in common with gender,” said Aishwarya Bansal, another award winner.

Present at the occasion, Sarvesh Tiwari, General Secretary of Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust said, “Nirbhaya today is the voice of the women who are fighting against their tyranny. Today we have gathered here to salute such women who have achieved great heights in their life. I want to congratulate all of them. The objective of the Trust is to help women who are the victim of any such crime. By doing this we are able to offer true tribute to our brave Nirbhaya.”

  The Awardee List:

 Sangeeta Gupta, Dr. Sanjana John, IAS Era Singhal, Aishwarya Bansal, Bani Yadav, Sushila Devi, Dr. Sunita Gondara, Ruchi Mittal, Lieutenant Colonel Sofia Qureshi, Maria Carrolla Mohini, Dr. Anita Dhankar, Parull Mahajjan, Shanti Bala Devi, Prabhu Devi, Karamjyothi Dalal, Seema Kushwaha, Subrata Devi, Roshni Devi, Kuhu Rao, Dr. Rituparna Ghosh, Alka Priya, Urvashi Khanna, Dipti Nagrecha, Shilpa Arora, Payal Yadav, Yashodhara Patil, Nirmal Goyal, kusumlata Kaushik, Roshni Tagore Madhu Gupta, Shikha Sharma, Dr. Sonal Roy, Shabnam Gulshan, Rekha Behrani, Dr. Babita G Kataria, Rachna Pandit and Anjali Sawhney.