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UC_LogoNew Delhi, April 15, 2014 – With the 2014 season of the Indian Premier League set to kick off on April 16, UCWeb has released a special “cricket 2014 version” of UC Browser for Android with a new user interface that provides the most comprehensive IPL content and services to cricket fans. This update will allow millions of enthusiastic fans across the country to quickly and conveniently access the most complete and up-to-date IPL information including live scores, previews, commentaries, interviews, stats, photos, videos and more. Also included in this update is the “Cricket” add-on which can remind users of key upcoming matches. Through UC Browser’s new exclusive “IPL Guessing Game”, users can pick the winner of each match and gather points for chances to win IPL match tickets, custom cricket gear and gadgets including Apple iPhone 5s.
UC Browser, the flagship product of UCWeb, has over 500 million global users and is the most popular mobile browser in India with 34% market share. With its latest update, UC Browser is now the ultimate one-stop destination for cricket fans.Download UC Browser for Android from

1. Single click to view live scores

As part of UC Browser’s new user interface, a “Cricket – Sport” folder is now visible on the browser homepage. A quick click on “Cricket – Sport” reveals live scores of current matches. Clicking on the scoreboard quickly leads to more match information including news, commentaries, stats, photos, videos and more.

2. Guess the winners to win fantastic prizes

Throughout the IPL 2014 regular season and playoffs, users can submit their guesses for the winner of each match on UC Browser’s “IPL Guessing Game”. Based on guessing the winners and the number of runs the winning teams score, users will accumulate points to win prizes including IPL match tickets, custom cricket gear and gadgets including Apple iPhone 5s.

To spice things up, users who correctly guess the winning teams consecutively or invite friends to participate can earn additional points to increase their chances of winning prizes.

Detailed rules and guidelines for the “IPL Guessing Game” can be found in the UC-Cricket section.

3. Smart Cricket add-on

The newly released “Cricket” add-on, available on UC Browser’s Add-on Center, is a smart widget that serves as a news feed and reminder. This lightweight add-on generates a shortcut on your phone’s home screen for easy access to breaking news and scores. You can also keep track of upcoming matches important to you with automatic notifications to remind you when the match is about to start.

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“The new UC Browser provides users with more interactive and intuitive cricket services,” said Abhishek Sharma, Director of Marketing Communications at UCWeb India. “With a lot of IPL action happening on weekdays where cricketing enthusiasts might not have the resources or the time to catch live matches, UC Browser is a boon. It has a smart IPL zone that enables users to catch live scores, instant updates and even get timely reminders for the favourite team matches while on the move. We are empowering the users completely so that they never miss any IPL update in future. This is a very unique initiative from UC Browser which is definitely going to attract a lot of cricket fans in India.”

IPL 2014 content and services are also available on UC Browser for Windows Phone.

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