New SRD segments from Primetals Technologies improve final solidification in continuous slab caster at Ternium, Brazil

Individually controlled rolls adjust optimally to strand condition
SRD (Single-Roll DynaGap) segments enable final solidification point to be followed precisely
World’s first use at Ternium in Brazil in one strand of a two-strand slab caster
Test results proved superior internal quality
SRD segments also ordered for second strand


Primetals Technologies is offering operators of continuous caster plants the new SRD (Single-Roll DynaGap) segments, a solution that further improves the interior quality of slabs for steel grades that place high demands on the casting process. The SRD segment has been specially developed for use in the area of final solidification, and it enables the upper rolls to be pressed down individually onto the solidifying strand. This enables the final solidification point to be followed precisely. SRD segments can be used together with or replace conventional types of segments. The first installation of SRD segments was carried out at one strand of a slab caster in the Ternium integrated steel works in Santa Cruz, Brazil. Tests proved a superior internal slab quality as compared to the second strand using conventional segments. The second strand of the caster will also receive SRD segments.