New Dawn – the World’s First Retail Crypto Fund – announces next steps


Melbourne, Australia, Monday 28 May 2018 – Rob Dey, Managing Director of New Dawn Fund reports there has been a constant flow of investment into New Dawn since it opened its doors in April, and they are now preparing to deploy capital into exciting opportunities which will be of significant benefit to investors.


These include an institutional-grade security token exchange, a crypto mining company and an algorithmic trading desk.


“Security token offerings are the next mega-trend in the crypto blockchain space. This specific exchange will allow for the flow of capital between crypto and traditional markets which is obviously a substantial growth opportunity”, says Director, Rob Dey

Fintech heavy weight Rick Klink of Paritech, Founder of Open Markets, Australia’s most successful Fintech, has provided New Dawn with great insight into the traditional exchange business and it’s transition to the blockchain, including security token offerings


Whilst cryptocurrencies are volatile, investor appetite is high. That being said, the hurdles required to make an initial investment can be off-putting. New Dawn removes this barrier to entry by providing canny investors with a straightforward way to invest in cryptocurrencies as well as diversified crypto assets.


New Dawn’s position in a crypto mining company will enhance their offering. It endeavours to create innovative mining equipment and mining farms, including the development of a cloud-based super-computer platform which will specialise in deep learning. This learning can then be implemented as part of New Dawn’s constant coin analysis.


New Dawn will leverage Alibaba Cloud and Haasonline to develop an algorithmic trading desk which will be operated by the most talented quants and traders in the crypto-sphere.



There is no doubt that there is demand, as evidenced by the investments into the fund. As the world’s first cryptocurrency fund open to retail investors, New Dawn is servicing this need in the crypto space.

New Dawn is also pleased to announce its newest strategic partner, CoinVult. They are one of Australia’s premier dealer and broker firms within the cryptocurrency industry. Coupled with their existing technological partnerships, New Dawn is positioned to deliver exceptional strategic advantages to their investors.