Neutral collection of furniture introduced by I’ M Center for Applied Arts by Punam Kalra

I’m Centre for Applied Arts by Punam Kalra has come up with Neutral collection of furniture for the season which includes chairs, poufs and day bed. Each offering is a unique work of design innovation and notable for being light, flexible, yet strong. Living rooms are a place to relax, converse, and relish in the comforts of home. With a palette of soothing neutrals and abundant texture this collection of neutral furniture adds a subdued elegance with its single-tone colours and neat compositions. Material used is essentially wood with expensive finishes and fabrics are a blend of velvet and suede.

Neutral  Collection of Furniture by Interior Dresigner Punam Kalra  (1) Neutral  Collection of Furniture by Interior Dresigner Punam Kalra  (4)

Each and every piece has been designed with utmost care keeping in mind summer season. The finest materials and expert craftsmanship of each collection adds colour and style to any room.  More importantly, they enhance the entire look of the room giving your home a stylish yet sophisticated feel. I’M Center for Applied Arts has a variety and sizes making them easy to mix and match with any style of decor.

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