NEGOTIATE LIKE A PRO : Master The Art Of Getting What You Want In Business And In Life

booknewcoverIt doesn’t take a world crisis to understand that negotiation is a vital part of everyday life.  Negotiation occurs in business, non-profit organizations, government and legal proceedings, among nations and in personal situations such as marriage, divorce, parenting, or buying a car.
While some people are “born negotiators,” most are not.  “I believe that life presents us with a series of negotiations,” says Tali Raphaely in his new book THE COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO NEGOTIATE:  Master The Art Of Getting What You Want In Business And In Life.  “Further, I believe that it is your negotiation and people skills that will ultimately determine how you live your life and how easily things work out for you.”
Raphaely, an attorney as well as president and managing member of a national real estate title firm, has built his reputation based on his negotiating skills.  He has refined his skills in countless situations – buying income-producing rental properties, buying and selling real estate-based businesses, representing clients in contract, employment, and lease negotiations, and bargaining lease terms with countless tenants and landlords.
To many, the mere idea of negotiation is intimidating, either because they are afraid it will turn into a confrontation, or they just don’t think they’re very good at it.  But avoiding negotiation, or approaching it with a negative mindset, will invariably lead to shortchanging oneself.  On the other hand, viewed correctly, negotiation can vastly improve everybody’s lives along many dimensions – financial, job satisfaction, business success, and personal contentment.
Raphaely’s expertise is drawn from years of negotiation, optimistic perspective, and ability to analyze and understand people – their choice of words, reactions, body language, and overall demeanor.  THE COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO NEGOTIATE will enable readers to master the techniques of a professional negotiator, such as:
Speaking From The Perspective Of The Other Person:  To be a skilled negotiator, one has to perceive the negotiation and the complete situation from the other person’s perspective and not one’s own.  The better one becomes at seeing things through the eyes of others, the better one will be able to help solve other’s problems and meet their needs.
Collaborating:  Collaborators are good at using negotiations to understand the concerns and interests of the other parties, and enjoy negotiations that involve solving tough problems in creative ways.  Change the perception of the negotiation from a conflict between the parties to a problem or situation the parties are working on together to resolve.
Dealing with Deadlines:  Deadlines come and go; but learning how to assess a true deadline is essential to negotiating success.  Raphaely offers specific pointers on how to ascertain whether the deadline will represent a true end to the opportunity or if there’s a possibility that the deadline can be modified to provide additional time for negotiating and making a final decision.
Above all else, it’s important to prevent negotiations from degenerating into an adversarial brawl, with parties attacking each other’s integrity.  The best way to do this is to keep a handle on one’s emotions, while empathizing with the other party.  “As the deal closes, in the final stages of negotiations it is critical to create an atmosphere of connection and mutual satisfaction while remaining alert for further opportunity,” says Raphaely.
After mastering the techniques in THE COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO NEGOTIATE, readers will be able to view all situations with others as personal opportunities to further develop skills, and to notice these skills improving steadily.  Says Raphaely, “Do your best to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook, and most of all, enjoy all the great experiences life has to offer.”
About the Author:
TALI RAPHAELY is an attorney, President and Managing Member of Armour Settlement Services, LLC (, and motivational speaker who has instructed countless people on developing their negotiation skills.  His goal is to inspire others and to motivate them to transform their lives and find more happiness, fulfillment, and purpose.  For more information, please visit


Master The Art Of Getting What
You Want In Business And In Life
By Tali Raphaely
Publisher: Mimo Press
Publication date: July 2013
Price: $14.95 / trade paper
ISBN: 978-0-61578-346-8


Master The Art Of Getting What       
You Want In Business And In Life
By Tali Raphaely
Publisher:  Mimo Press
Publication date:  July 2013
Price:  $14.95 / trade paper
ISBN:  978-0-61578-346-8