Moving from Information to Advice – Magicbricks Shifts the Goal Posts again: Launching

magicbricksWouldn’t it be wonderful to have an expert advisor at your beck and call – for Free? Magicbricks has made this dream a reality – just visit


July 7, 2014: capitalizes on India’s biggest property portal repository to neatly organize data in the most relevant form for users to consume. It serves as the “Go-to-Guide” which can be relied upon by a user as he looks to buy, rent or sell real estate.


Every home-seeker wants to make his big investment in property – the best bet, and so has many questions, which he seeks advice on –

  • What and When to Buy or Rent?
  • In which City or Locality?
  • What kind of Property?
  • At what Price? and
  • For what Loan & Payment Terms?


Users want unbiased and reliable research and advice that is easy to understand and help them finalize and come to a crystal clear decision.



Screenshot of has All the Answers – It is the 1st integrated section for real estate information to provide customized advice for property investment decisions – evaluated from a non-biased perspective. Here are the highlights –


Now Compare Localities Before You Buy/Sell or Rent – choose any two localities based on proximity or price and compare their ratings, prices, property options and nearby facilities like schools, banks and hospitals. There are even further details such as Locality Pictures and detailed reviews – all available at a single click.


Use Calculators: For Making Smart Property Decisions!  – 4 Extremely easy calculators to help you know exactly what to do, such as –

  • Buy or Rent? Are you confused? Fill in a few fields to compare the costs of buying V/s renting to help you take an informed decision!
  • Thinking about Selling? – Check the price of your home with the Home Worth Calculator to get the best amount for your property.
  • Area Conversion Calculators – feet to metres, ‘bigha’ to ‘hectares’ – they are all here – along with useful definitions of Covered Area, Carpet Area, Built up Area and Super Built up area!
  • And of course, there is the ubiquitous Home Loan EMI Calculator to help you calculate the amount you need to pay each month for repaying a loan – with options to apply for a loan right there and details of the documents required for a home loan.


Information is Power – only if it is Relevant – Magicbricks prides itself in its Exclusive Content, which provides in relevant ‘bite-sized packing’ for easy reading. Read up relevant News, Views, Expert Opinions, Q&As, look up Property Rates and Price Trends. Know Your City by reading up on in-depth insights, analysis, and trends from the Industry Recognized PropIndex Reports that Magicbricks is renowned for publishing.


“The need to make informed investment and life decisions was a very poorly addressed area in the online property space. We have raised the bar, with this Advice Section of Magicbricks our latest offering to our valued users. This will serve these unmet needs of the Real-Estate sector’s lifeblood – the end-users, investors or brokers. This section provides every piece of advice of relevance & value to them on one page.” remarked Sudhir Pai, Business Head,


To know more – please come & experience for yourself!