Montegrappa: Tibaldi San Lodovico Limited Edition

TIBALDI was established in Florence on 20th October, 1916. Since that time and throughout the twentieth century, people from all walks of life, be they great writers or everyday folks wishing to write down their thoughts, have savoured TIBALDI’s elegant, reliable pens.
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In 2007 TIBALDI is inspired by history and dedicates a trilogy of exclusive fountain pens to Knighthood and the Orders of Chivalry. The first two pens of this aristocratic writing instruments collection are a virtuous tribute to The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George and The Sovereign Order of Malta.
The third and last fountain pen of this trilogy of TIBALDI is dedicated to The Royal Order of Merit under the Title of Saint Ludwig. It was founded in Lucca in 1836 by Duke Charles Louis de Bourbon to reward special civilian merits.
Beyond the traditional presence of nobility, military hierarchy and representatives of the European diplomacy, by mid nineteenth century the Order witnessed the entry of members from the emerging classes of trade, government and arts that had acquired in the meantime prominent roles in public life. It was a recognition of merit, and at the same time an innovative bond between bourgeois, notables and aristocracy, quite unique and particularly significant for the Italian peninsula because activated in full swing Risorgimento, on the threshold of Italy’s Unification.

Similar to the Order’s nature, the TIBALDI SAN LODOVICO fountain pen is both regal and saintly, it bears the Royal Standard defined by the Duke Carlo III in 1851. The background is coloured white, to represent a white cloth, and is decorated with a pattern of fleurs-de-lis, symbolic of the House of Bourbon Parma.

Upon seeing the pen, the eye is drawn to the most significant symbol of all: the oval shield bearing the Arms of the Bourbon Parma, with the royal crowns at each corner. The crown also adorns the top of the cap, which features a border in the colours blue, yellow and scarlet, which became the colours of state with the State Royal Decree.

The TIBALDI SAN LODOVICO fountain pen is made of 925 sterling silver with gold accents and weighs 104 grams. The barrel and cap are hand-etched and treated with a special ceramic enamel technique.

Its 18k solid gold nib boast the traditional Tibaldi eagle in two-tone. Rhodium is only applied outside the contours of the logo, requiring the skill of an experienced goldsmith. The iridium point is welded to the gold and shaped according to the writing grade desired. The nib is  offered in Fine, Medium and Broad writing grades, fed by a patented piston feeder system with ink tank capacity of 0.9ml. A fountain pen like this one, with a Medium grade nib, has a writing capacity of approximately 486 meters.

The celebrative TIBALDI SAN LODOVICO fountain pen is a limited edition series of only 50 exclusive pieces.