Montegrappa, Italy’s oldest manufacturer of fine pens, is pleased to announce a new distribution network for Argentina. T.M.Negocios has been dedicated to the marketing of writing instruments in Argentina since 2007. Managing Partner Mario Lujan Madrea is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with Montegrappa for the distribution of its products in that territory.

Says Signor Madrea, “Our focus is on the marketing of high-end writing tools, because we are moved by the charm of writing. It is our wish to bring to those who love writing the fabulous collection of this legendary maker of pens. Without a doubt, we can affirm that the design and perfection of Montegrappa writing instruments arrive at the Argentinian market not solely as an element of writing, but also as a statement of an estimable lifestyle.

“The use of a fine pen today reflects the taste, style, elegance and personality of each client. These values define the choice of a pen from Montegrappa.”

Adds Montegrappa CEO, Giuseppe Aquila, “It’s always a pleasure to find a partner who shares our same passions and understands the values of our brand. I’m glad that our fine writing instruments and accessories can at last be found in Argentina and I am confident that, through the good work of T.M. Negocios, Montegrappa will become a significant player in the local pen industry.”