Momspresso drives conversations about the benefits of cow’s milk for children

The brand conducted meet-ups across Delhi NCR and was able to reach over 5.5L mothers with information about cow’s milk

Delhi, August 17, 2018: After the age of two, children need more than just breast milk to fulfill their nutritional requirements. This is where cow’s milk, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins comes in. However, there are certain myths surrounding the benefits of cow’s milk for children. In order to debunk these myths and exemplify the goodness of cow’s milk for the benefit of moms, Momspresso, India’s largest user-generated content platform for women, recently hosted bloggers meets in tandem with India’s leading milk and milk products manufacturer Mother Dairy. Events, held across Delhi NCR, Momspresso empanelled several leading mom bloggers, pediatricians and nutritionists to establish the benefits of cow’s milk as a complete food for children above the age of 2.

“At Momspresso our objective is to ensure Mothers have access to the right facts so that they are able to make informed choices for themselves and their families. We are very happy to partner with Mother Dairy and be able to clear some myths and misconceptions about cow’s milk. We have had very engaging offline and on ground sessions across various parts of Delhi NCR as a part of this campaign and have been successful in reaching over 5.5L mothers who were confused about whether cow’s milk is safe and beneficial for their children.” said, Ms. Parul Ohri, Chief Editor

Considered to be a treasure trove of nutrients for the growing bodies and minds of children, cow’s milk is rich in calcium, protein, potassium, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, retinol and potent antioxidants. Made with 80% casein protein, it contains all 9 essential amino acids required for the growth and development of children. It aids in the development of bones and teeth, promotes brain development and strengthens the immune system. The protein structure in cow’s milk is smaller as compared to other animal and plant based milk, making it easier to digest. Second only to breast milk, cow’s milk is therefore the most nourishing and beneficial drink for children.

Speaking on the instrumental role of cow’s milk in children’s health, – Dr. Vandana Verma Expert at Momspresso said, “Once babies are weaned off breast milk, most moms worry about how to keep their child’s health and immunity intact. Cow’s milk appears to be the finest follow-up to breast milk as it provides almost the same combination of nutrients and boosts the physical and mental development of kids. However, there are certain misconceptions around cow’s milk that have been passed down to moms from older generations or even among peer groups. I’m very happy to have been part of Momspresso’s initiative to clear these misconceptions and provide Mums with accurate information about the potential benefits of giving cow’s milk to their babies.”