MIAL bags the CII Renovative Kaizen award

Mumbai May 25, 2017: GVK Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Limited (MIAL), the company that administers the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) was awarded the top rank at the 30th Kaizen Conference & Competition held on May 16 by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for creating a reusable dummy aircraft from scrap material in the renovative category of the awards. The annual awards by the prestigious industry body are given to organizations in recognition of their contribution for continuous improvement in business processes and management.

MIAL spokesperson said, “Our participation for the award was triggered after the immense appreciation we received from across the world after the mock drill exercise held in March this year. The dummy aircraft on fire had caught everyone’s attention. It was then we decided to apply for the award.”

“It is indeed an honour to receive this prestigious recognition, which is a reflection of our unstinting efforts towards ensuring cost efficiency and optimum utilization of time and resources, speaking volumes about our unswerving commitment towards environmental preservation and operational performance,” the spokesperson added.

This year MIAL’s Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) team came up with the idea of creating an in-house dummy aircraft from scrap material. It was an innovative step to come out of a regular dilemma of using a scrap bus to represent an aircraft during the mandatory biannual emergency drill.

After working on it for 2 months, the MIAL team created the dummy aircraft that was first used for a realistic simulation of aircraft crash for an airport emergency drill held in March this year. The dummy aircraft has been made in such a manner that it can be reused even after being used in a fire drill exercise.

The cost-effectiveness and easy to handle features of the dummy aircraft makes it beneficial for the team to opt for it than taking an actual scrap aircraft or a scrap bus for the drill. It can also be used as a simulator for other purposes like training of fire fighters.

The creation of dummy aircraft caught attention of the jury and the audience representing well known corporate houses from the country, for its purpose, skill and innovation involved in making it.




GVK  Mumbai  International Airport  Pvt. Ltd (MIAL)  is  a  Public Private  Partnership  joint  venture  between a GVK-led  consortium  and the Airports Authority of India (AAI).  GVK MIAL was awarded the mandate for operating and modernizing Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (CSIA). Through this transformational initiative, GVK MIAL aims to make CSIA one of the world’s best airports, which consistently delights customers besides being the pride of Mumbai. The new integrated Terminal 2 at CSIA enhances the airport’s capacity to service over 45 million passengers and one million tons of cargo annually.