Meros plants from Siemens to clean sinter offgases for Ilva in Italy


Cuts fine dust emissions to below ten milligrams per standard cubic meter
Reduces dioxins and furans to less than 0.1 nanograms per standard cubic meter
Substantially reduces acidic gases and volatile organic compounds
Plant design allows for major reduction of sulfur dioxide emission

Italian steel producer Ilva S.p.A. has awarded Siemens Metals Technologies an order to supply four turnkey Meros plants for the two sinter plants in its Taranto steel mill. The plants will make a substantial contribution toward improving the environmental situation in Taranto. The Meros process developed by Siemens will help to clean all the offgas from the sinter process – totaling more than 2.6 million cubic meters per sinter plant per hour. This will reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, fine dust, organic compounds, heavy metals and acidic gases to levels significantly below the usual limits in Europe. The first two Meros plants are scheduled to go on stream in April 2015 and the other two will follow in September 2016. The value of the order lies in the mid double-digit million euro range.